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An exceptional towing option

Towing your vehicles is a job that needs caution and attention. A sturdy tilt tray truck is a great option to tow your precious car or light machinery across a distance. A professional towing service is sure to provide a scratch-free transportation of your automobile to the required destination.

The concept of a tilt tray truck

The mechanical practice of pulling up a vehicle by a usual tow truck is not something everyone approves of. To cross off the chances of car damage or to prevent the scatter of sharp objects from an accident car, tilt tray truck hire perth can be a suitable option.  Working on the principle of a hydraulic ramp system, a tilt tray truck lifts off the vehicle and places it at the back in a tilted position, such that it stays absolutely off the road, until it safely reaches its destination. 

Benefits of using a tilt tray truck:

A safe transportation

Tilt tray trucks keep your vehicle off the road surface, which ensures that your car is not affected in any way. This sort of towing works best to guarantee a damage-free and secure transportation of your vehicle.

Efficient handling of a wide range of vehicles

The owners of high-performance cars such as luxury cars, sports cars, hot rods, antique cars, or other such lowered cars, often desire a careful towing procedure. Be it an exotic or prestige vehicle or a SUV or motorbike, tilt tray perth offers an absolutely foolproof towing and transportation of your precious possession. A reputed tilt tray hire will satisfy your towing needs, with the most updated tilt tray truck features.

A convenient and high-class towing

Be it local or across the country, availing a dependable towing service at an affordable price is the right choice. You should make sure that a safe and fully-insured towing is what the company offers. A timely service, using the latest technology and methods, will be a convenient mode for well-protected vehicle transportation.

Shedding light on freight and flat top services

A specialized towing company will use this service to pick up your farm equipment, general freight, pallets or any such item. With a truck load capacity of 4400 kg, these tow trucks are specially designed to carry your cargo and once they are protected by a tarp wrap, the journey is smoothly completed without any damage or loss of good. A ratchet is generally strapped to your freight for protection as well.

 Reliable machinery transportation

A hassle-free transportation of your machinery at pocket-friendly deals can only be ascertained by a towing service that has the provision of multi-functional tilt tray trucks. Such trucks can then be hired for transporting light machinery such as forklifts, bobcats, mowers, etc for both individuals and business firms.


For a careful and secure towing of your car or bike, the tilt tray trucks rented from a quality professional service, will provide you a convenient transportation at reasonable prices. Cost is an important factor and at the right costs, this sort of hire will save you in times of need.

Whether it is paying special attention to accident cars to prevent the falling of broken glass and materials or it is delicately towing your expensive car, a tilt tray truck uses the sophistication and mechanism that a normal tow truck does not offer. You are bound to experience a cost-effective and comfortable towing and transportation with such a safely operated towing method.



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