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About Sex Disorder, Symptoms And Homeopathic Treatment - Dr. Sunil Patidar Is Best Sexologist In Bhopal

It’s true that to avoid taking consultation from the sexologist may result in making the sex life worse. Relations go through several ups and downs. And wedded life is subjected to many misunderstandings and disturbances in case you ignore your partner not only mentally but physically as well. If you notice your sexual life is continually fading away it's time for you to go for the consultation. Undoubtedly Dr. Sunil sexologist in Bhopal will help in the best possible manner.

Remember it isn’t a matter of discomfiture instead it’s something which must be treated very well. A sexologist or sex proficient is one who specializes in dealing with problems associated with sexual life and provides better solutions to it.

What is a sexual problem?

Sexual weakness or sexual problems can arise at any stage of sexual activity and it prevents one from enjoying the sexual activity with the partner. The cause of sexual problems may be physical or psychological or both of them. The sexual problems are termed into 4 kinds namely-

1- Sexual desire disorder- It may be because of a decrease in the normal production of testosterone and estrogens.

2- Orgasm disorder- It’s a delay or the absence of orgasm following the usual sexual enthusiasm phase.   

3- Sexual arousal disorder- It is grouped as frigidity in women and impotence in males. Nowadays impotence is called ED or erectile dysfunction and is featured by difficulty in maintaining penis erection at the time of having sex.

4- Sexual pain disorder- It greatly affects females, called Vaginismus called spasm of muscles of the vaginal wall and dyspareunia called the painful intercourse caused because of not enough lubrication.

Symptoms in men and female for the sexual disorder-


Lack of sexual desires

Difficulty in getting an erection

Not able to maintain ejaculation time


Difficulty in reaching orgasm

Painful intercourse

Lack of sexual wants


Sexual problem Homeopathy treatment- Male & female-

Sexual problems are the disturbances in the sexual response that may be because of mental or physical disturbances. The homeopathic treatment acts by maximizing body performance and exciting nerves. It helps treat sexual problems related to emotional distractions. The homeopathic treatment provides a feeling of greater wellness and thus regains energy.


Homeopathy treatment for men to cure sex weakness focuses on the issue and treats wholly. Homeopathy treatment focuses on treating psychological and physical aspects like depression, stress, internal issues, etc. It cures problems by enhancing the immunity and self-healing process. Homeopathy treatment treats symptoms and treats the root cause to avoid further development.


With homeopathic treatment, women show greater improvement. It offers a holistic approach that treats entirely that’s essential for sexual dysfunction patients. The strengths of homeopathy treatment lie in evidence effectiveness as through a holistic approach towards sick person through the promotion of internal balance at the physical/mental level.

Sexual problem constitutional homeopathy treatment-

Dr. Sunil sexologist in Bhopal treats sexual problems by using constitutional homeopathy treatment and recommends suitable personalized treatment based upon the psychological and physical symptoms of a person. This treatment for sexual weakness acts by maximizing the greater performance and strengthen the nerves. Also, it heals sexual disorders connected with mental or emotional disturbances and helps partners to develop a happier relationship. Most importantly, constitutional homeopathy treatment is greatly effectual, safe, and free of false effects.


If you are facing any symptoms only a qualified sexologist that is Dr. Sunil sexologist in Bhopal can help you out and offer effective treatment. Though it may take time but Dr. Sunil Patidar promises you better results.



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