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8 Common Causes For Blocked Drains

Clogged drains are a common household plumbing problem, but they can be extremely frustrating. A blocked drain can put a stop to your daily routine, and create unsanitary living conditions. These are eight common causes for poor drainage.

1. Cooking oil and fat

Sometimes, when cleaning up in the kitchen, it is easy to wash everything down the drain. It may seem like all the dirt and grime is disappearing, but it can coat the sides of your pipes. Cooking oil and animal fat commonly causes blocked drains in the kitchen. To keep your drain working, scrape your dishes before rinsing or washing them.

2. Children’s toys

Anybody with a toddler will understand that children’s toys can mysteriously end up in the toilet. Small toys like lego and plastic animals can block drains in residential plumbing, and cause a toilet to overflow. If you have young children and a clogged toilet, this could certainly be the cause.

3. Large quantities of toilet paper

Toilet paper is designed to be flushed down a toilet, but only in small amounts. Trying to flush a large amount of toilet paper down a drain at once, can cause the toilet to become blocked and overflow. Thick paper materials like hand towels should never be placed in a toilet, as they are not able to dissolve like toilet paper.

4. Hair mixed with soap

One of the primary causes for blocked drains in households is human hair. People with thick hair may understand how easy it can cling to brushes and combs, and it can do the same thing to bathroom drains. Bath and shower drains can become obstructed, when hair is mixed up with soap scum and clings to the sides of pipes.

5. Improper rubbish disposal

Just like the kitchen sink may seem like a good place to wash away food scraps, toilets often become clogged from improper rubbish disposal. Very few things should be washed down a toilet, a sink, or a drain. If you are in doubt, place your rubbish in a bin.

6. Sanitary products

A wide variety of sanitary products are available on the market, but they are not suitable for flushing down a toilet. These include nappies, tampons, sanitary napkins, and wet wipes. Poor drainage can occur after flushing a single item down the drain, or from a build up of improperly disposed sanitary products.

7. Faulty plumbing

Good quality plumbing, including installation from a licensed plumber, is a wise investment. Blocked drains can be caused when plumbing has not been properly installed. Pipes can become cracked, or are positioned so that water cannot flow through them properly.

8. Dirt and garden objects

Cleaning yourself off in the shower or bath at the end of a long day, is definitely refreshing. Excessive dirt from gardening or building may need to be cleaned off outside first. This will prevent your drains from becoming clogged with dirt, leaves and twigs.

The blocked drain solution

Understanding the common causes of blocked drains, can help you prevent one occurring. Prevention is definitely the best blocked drain solution, but if it is too late we are here to help.

Zabs Plumbing are emergency plumbers in Melbourne and can fix clogged toilets and sinks 24/7. Don’t let your life stay on hold because you have a blocked drain in the kitchen or bathroom. Call us for a quote, and professional service you can rely on.


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