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5 Ways you Can Use Push Notifications on your Magento Store to Engage your Customers!

In today's competitive eCommerce market, keeping in touch with your customers through different mediums is a necessity to build long term relationships and increase customer retention rates. Email is no more enough for consistent interaction, Push Notifications are a great way to keep them reminding about your store. Here is how! 

Gone are the days when emails used to be the only means of marketing. With evolving technology, several new means of marketing have taken over the traditional “email-only” approach! Push Notifications are today’s one of the most preferred methods of marketing. Reason being: they’re easy to create – an extremely effective!

If you own a Magento store, here are Top 5 ways web push notifications can help you engage your customers:

Send Them Transnational Updates:

None of your customers would ever wish to miss any transnational updates! In fact, they will be happy if you can keep them informed as and when their order status gets updated. While emails can do this job well – push notifications have proved to be more effective for sending such updates. They are easily accessible, timely and highly reliable.

Trigger Real-time Notifications:

Push notifications are a great way of engaging your customers. Through browser notifications, you can push important updates about a new product launch, discount offers, price-drop alerts, etc. This will help you bring customers back to your store – regularly. Repeating customers means more business and higher revenues!

Remind Them to Complete Their Purchase:

When customers add anything to the cart, they are very likely to purchase that item. However, even the slightest distraction may result in cart abandonment! However, if you can set a browser notification to remind your customers about the items they’ve left in their cart, in a certain time frame – you can easily win the sale.

Greet Them a “Happy Birthday”:

Everyone loves getting birthday greetings. Your customers too! And through browser notifications, you can turn your customer’s special day into a delightful experience by sending them greetings or a discount offer as a birthday present! This way, you can not only make your customers feel valued but also increase sales.

Remind Them About Discount Offers:

No one likes to miss out on great deals and discount offers. Neither you – nor your customers! So why not use browser notifications to remind them about the upcoming offers on your store? Reminding them about the upcoming sale and discount offers is a great way of bringing them back to business (your store)!

 This All Sounds Great! But How Can You Send Notifications from your Magento Store?

Well, the best way to start sending browser notifications from your Magento 2 store is by integrating a Push Notifications Magento 2 extension to it. The extension will help you trigger personalized notifications on all the above-mentioned events. While creating notificationsFree Reprint Articles, you can use dynamic templates for various customer and order attributes.


Harshal is an eCommerce Enthusiast at MageDelight Solutions Pvt Ltd, a premium gateway to feature-rich and reliable Magento extensions, themes and innovative Magento solutions to eCommerce businesses. We aim at helping our clients turn their eCommerce vision into reality.

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