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5 Tips to Adjust To Bifocals

One of modern technology’s greatest gifts to mankind is the ability to change the way we see things. Well, not literally, but through prescription glasses. And glasses today have become not just a means to see better but also a matter of fashion statement. From cat-eyes to prescription rimless glasses the range of styles and varieties to choose from are immense. But, when you start wearing prescription glasses, it may sometimes take time to adjust to them. And the trouble gets doubled when you start wearing bifocals. Here are five simple tips for when you have just begun wearing bifocals:

1. Wear your bifocals all the time especially in the beginning to get used to them.

2. Don’t look through the bottom part of your bifocals while walking, as it may cause stairs and the road to look out of focus.

3. Change the way you read through your bifocal glasses. Don’t move your head much while you read and shift/adjust the reading material instead of your head.

4. Make sure that your glasses fit you right. Having the right kind of frames is also important because a frame that doesn’t fit or is too tight or too loose will intensify the adjustment hassle.

5. Choose bifocal lenses. Though they are not common and are also tough to adjust to, you can try them once you are sure that the glasses aren’t doing you any good.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind is that the frames and prescription lenses should be from reputed and reliable sources. You don’t want to save on a few bucks in exchange for the clarity of your vision. To get the best frames for your bifocal glasses head straight to Frames Fashion. It is your one-stop eyewear destination where utility meets fashion. You can choose from the wide range of frames and prescription lens types that they offer and settle on the ones that best suit your needs and your style.

Also, they offer spare parts for your glasses. When they break, don’t throw them away, get the broken part replaced instead. So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to the Frames Fashion online store now and get a cool look!

About Frames Fashion:

Frames Fashion is your one-stop solution for all eyewear needs. From funky sunglasses to cat-eye frames and prescription round bifocal lenses, they have everything you need! Frames Fashion – changing the way you see the world!

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