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4 Services a Metal Fabrication Vendor Must Provide

Building skyscrapers or heavy machinery are demanding jobs that require transforming intricate ideas into reality. Architects, engineers, contractors and manufactures with great insights and experience are needed to carry these jobs. A key component common across all these processes is use of metal fabrication. Metal fabrication turns metal sheets into desired shapes and aids in the customised use of those products.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, the process of sheet metal fabrication has been simplified to a great extent. However, expertise in fabrication designing, and the understanding of different metallic properties in regards to the environment are still the key factors required to avoid discrepancies to wriggle in. Sheet metal fabrication service begins with designing of prototypes. After being designed, under skilled and experienced work force, the raw metal goes through measuring, cutting or bending, forging, shearing, and punching to attain specified shapes. At last, these parts are welded together to make required structures.

Specialized service is proposed by many metal fabrication vendors competing in the market today. Following are the four key factors one should look for when choosing a vendor for metal fabrication.

Customised Service

An ideal metal fabrication vendor is capable of offering its clients right solutions despite the initial scope of requirements. The sub-assembly of stamped and sheet metal parts and the mechanical and electrical assembly of the parts, all these processes must be covered under metal fabrication service.

Customised metal products made of aluminium, zinc plated steel, stainless steel etc., with appropriate corrosion-resistance processes like zinc coating, galvanizing, plating and powder coated finishing must be provided by a metal fabrication vendor to have its clients covered on all their requirements.


Some critical technical and mechanical abilities, a metal fabrication vendor must have include, laser cutting, metal pressing, fastener insertion, tool making for metal stamping and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) sheet metal punching and folding machines to ensure accurate, time saving and cost-effective solutions.

Above all a firm must have highly qualified workforce, equipped and trained to deal with custom metal fabrications.

Efficient Prototype Designing

Laying the base for metal fabrication, prototype designs impact considerably upon the overall manufacturing cost. The ultimate profit or loss virtually depends upon the efficiency of the prototype design. Which is why, in the sheet metal industry more and more emphasis is given to the improvements of the prototype designing techniques.

Cost Effective Solution

In accordance to client’s needs, a vendor must be capable of providing cost effective solutions. To lower the total manufacturing cost, a metal fabrication must have expertise in the selection of the right metals, efficient prototype designing and usage of modern machinery. A firm must be well aware of these factors to provide an ideal solution.

To find a reliable vendor, manufactures can leverage the internet. It enables them to do a thorough research to know different vendors and their achievements to be sure of a dependable commitment. Industry trade shows and conferences are other popular sources to know about industry leading vendors.

One of the most popular trade fair of the industry is the LogiMAT that is organizing its 12th International Trade Fare for Distribution between February 25 and 27, 2014. Many leading metal fabrication industries like P&A International will be showcasing their innovative products and services to make new business partners.

By following these tips and clearly defining requirements, one can easily find their vendor of choice - through either the internet or such tradeshows.


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