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4 Reasons why love dolls are in demand these days

The growing popularity of the latest adult toy, the love doll reflects the acceptance of these silicone wives by the society. They are primarily sculpted in TPE and silicone to look like artificial women with anatomically correct figure and unique persona.  The soft texture of the doll feels human-like and can easily incorporate in your lifestyle.  Here are some reasons for the rising market value of the sex doll industry.  

Personal Harem

The realistic sex doll looks so real and can be customized to look like your porn star. You just need to send an image of your latest crush; and manufacturers use deep learning algorithms to make a 3D face model and then a silicone or TPE mould for the body with the given specifications. You can have a personal harem of sexy sex dolls, some midgets to pack them for holidays while some for hot boobs sex. Though polygamy is illegal but there is no law that can bar you from creating one. You can live your epic fantasy when you design your synthetic partner to look like a character from a period drama. There are several movies like Ryan Gosling’s Lars and the Real Girl, build around these dolls and futuristic erotic fantasy.

Technologically ahead

Every geek in town wishes to be technically ahead of his peers and what better way to show his technical inclination than owning a sex robot in action. Some advance models have AI embedded heat and touch sound technology. So, when you have your hands on her big breast, there is a moaning sound to make the experience more real. The dolls can be programmed in your favourite voice for small chit-chats that you usually enjoy while having sensual moments with real women.

Always loyal

Relationship is tough for young men struggling with work related stress. It not always possible to enjoy sex when you are stressed and tired after a long day’s work. However, it is not rational to give up your sexual life. They seldom have time to nourish their relationship resulting in frequent breakups. There are many reasons to act when you are lonely because regular sex is crucial for your overall health. This is one reason for the popularity of sex dolls among the millennials. The love doll is always loyal and neither demands your time nor money to fulfil your needs. It does not complain when you choose other women over her.

Regular sex for older adults

There is always ways to motivate yourself when you are alone and love dolls have caught the imagination of lonely hearts.  Sex therapists are recommending it to patients suffering from hypersexuality and people suffering from severe depression. Recently an experiment using love dolls was done in a UK old age home where they were gifted to the housemates. After a few months, a psychometric test was conducted to rate the cognitive skills of men with sex dolls and men without them. Astonishingly, the older adults with love dolls scored higher that those without them. Even our forefathers knew about the advantages of regular sex and devised cotton dolls for sailors on long voyages.

If you are looking for hot boobs sex, you can customize a real doll to satisfy your fetish. There is no extra cost and most companies offer free shipping.



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