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Unknown Facts about Morbid Obesity

In the recent times, the morbid obesity rate is on a steep rise. Being overweight does not mean you are alone. Every year, lots of treatment procedure is performed for those suffering from obesity. Be

Weight loss friendly diet

Unwanted and undesirable weight gain mostly takes place gradually. This is one reason why for many people it remains a complete mystery thinking what is the actual thing that causes it. But you will b

Obesity & its Reasons

Obesity:- Accumulated body fat has various adverse effects on health. As per height & weight ratio, if a person’s bodyweight is higher than 20% then he or she should be considered obese

Yoga For Women!

Birth, Puberty, Menarche, pregnancy and Menopause are the five main events which occur in any woman’s life. These events are marked by several biological changes in the body accompanied by psych