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Solutions for Raw, Red Manhood Skin

In many cases, a man who suffers from raw, red manhood skin knows exactly how it happened – and most of the time, all that irritation is from a roll in the hay without proper lubrication, brushi

Member Sensitivity Tips: Dealing with Diabetes

When a man thinks of member sensitivity, he might wonder what in the world diabetes has to do with it. On the other hand, those who are diagnosed with diabetes might immediately wonder how the disease

Small Member Problems? Try a Manhood Sleeve

Many men worry about their male organ size. In truth, most men fall right into a comfortable average size. But for some men who aren’t as well-endowed, a small member can make them wonder about

Sore Male Organ and Lovemaking - Is it Safe?

Physical love is supposed to feel good, not painful. But some medical conditions can cause a man to develop a sore male organ, and when that happens, intimate acts could provide more pain than pleasur

Male Organ Rash Quiz: Causes and Treatments

A manhood rash is pretty easy to spot. The skin turns red, little bumps appear and then the whole area starts to itch. The problem isn't subtle at all, and most men feel pretty comfortable with th

Male Organ Warts: How Long Do They Last?

For men with male organ warts, time is the enemy. They want these bumps to go away, and they want that healing to start as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, without the right kind of manho