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Tag : Gustav Klimt

The Online Gallery Offers the Best Kunstdrucke

The creativity, emotions or ideas in human beings are expressed in the form of art which can be either a painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking etc. that can be termed as visual or decorative a

Some Details About Gustav Klimt

There are some people, who ardently follow some professional artists. This is because of their attraction towards paintings. Some like mural arts or mural paintings called as Wandbilder. When some lik

An Introduction To Wandbilder

Mural paintings are referred to as Wandbilder, which is a German term. This painting has a long history among artists and even after several years of introduction, this form has never lost its glory r

What Is Special About Andy Warhol Pop Art?

‘Pop art’  is a visual art movement that was popular during the 20th century and Andy Warhol, who was a painter, a filmmaker and a commercial illustrator was a leading person during t