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308 kit has everything it takes for any shooter to build a sure AR308 lower receiver as well as a 308 upper receiver. With this kit, you can upgrade them to a level of accuracy and precision. You can also make some modifications to a long-range driver. The lower or the upper receiver is the middle of a 308 rifle build.  When you want to build your own 308 AR rifle, you will start by selecting an upper and lower to suits your application and tastes. Luckily today there are long arrays of links to pick from if you want to make an actual AC-10, Moriarti Armaments is your ultimate choice. They offer two different lower receivers for you to choose from. They are AR -10 services "A" and AR-10 services "A”. Their sole reason is to make use of common trusted and cheap, Magpul LR 308 RMAG magazines.

They are always a hotline as customers struggle to get to them for 308 lower and uppers receivers as separate components.  They are remarkable for their moderate pricing policy too. Some customers who were deceived by other links into buying cheap 308 upper and lower receivers are now rushing to them. The shooters don't want to repeat the mistakes again. All 308 upper and lower receivers cannot be interchanged between the other brands and manufacturers. Consider such things before you buy a low priced receiver because all that glitters are not gold. Many 308 lower and upper receivers fit and work when matched. If it fits your rifle, these receivers will provide a special look and performance than others. The leveling system for maximum accuracy at long ranges is part of a good receiver. They are compatible with double steel QD sockets on both sides of the upper hand guard.  Moriarti Armaments will give you a 308 kit with standard keymod accessories. Their prices are affordable and the kits accuracy tested and proven okay!

Their 308 Lower receivers have a combined trigger guard, tension screw with enlarged 8 flared magazines as well. The Lug joint at the shell deflector is optimized for a proper throw. Examples of these receiver sets include ambidextrous bolt release which makes for easy use with the index finger. The 308 kit is made from 7075-16 aluminum with a matte black anodized finishing. The lower receiver is of a partially completed aluminum material. With the available tools from any hardware stores, and the right methods given, the 308 lower and upper receiver kits can be modified into a firearm with great functionality. The kit is the most important part of the rifle; without it, the gun is not complete. You don't need to be afraid once your order is from Moriarti Armaments; theirs are strong, complete and durable. Finish your lower and upper receiver build today and win the battle or game. Remember that you can do it yourself with these unique kits. prides on the quality of their products.


308 kit , 308 Lower


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