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Your Allegiance To God Will Make You Upright: Scruples From The Bible

The Bible is a holy book that chronicles the scriptures and the sacred texts of the Christians and the Jews. This religious book is meant to enlighten one about the infinite glory of divinity and it sheds light on the preachings of Lord Jesus, the prime figure of Christianity.

The Bible primarily talks about the immense power of God, who is a benevolent father figure, to take all pains to haul us up from the groove of suffering and falsehood, by dint of his immense power and spirituality. One should always keep faith on the path chosen by God, as it is He who knows how to mitigate the sufferings of mankind.

The Bible refutes the Pagan concept of God as it proclaims that God can never be wicked..
The Biblical scriptures make it clear that misdeeds cannot be conducted by God, as he ever follows the path of justice, and those who live by fair means will surely be rewarded by Him, in someway or the other. Question often crops up as to why mankind is liable to suffer and witness negatives in a world otherwise monitored by God? The Bible as an answer to this question says, that just as even the kingdom of an affectionate ruler, is not devoid of the pangs of suffering, in God's kingdom too, negative forces often creep in. But this should not dampen ones spirit to overcome the pejorative aspects of life, as they are damages made by unruly people who does not falter to defy Him, indulging in misdeeds. The teachings of the Bible assures that God will surely fix up the problems and recuperate with the ravages made. He is the supreme authority who sits at the helm of the vast cosmic arrangement and make astute judgments, rewarding the good souls and redeeming the sinners. Bible has proclaimed that the world will be the abode of the righteous souls, and if damage rules rampant, God will take the upper hand to alleviate and cure them. To know more click on

The teachings of the Bible also proclaims the mankind, being crafted by God in accordance with his own image, have similar emotions and feelings like Him. If one feels sorry for the maimed, mendicant, sick and destitute, God too feels the same, and urges to extend a helping hand. God resides within every living being and His omnipresence, connects all through an invisible bond. Just as God spread his love among all, irrespective of cast, creed and social rank, one should also spread love and goodness among others, as love conquers all.

God has proclaimed himself as Jehovah and wanted this name to get circulated among all and sundry. He wanted others to utter this name and aspired himself to be considered as a friend to mankind.

From the pious scriptures of the Bible, one can also know about the concept of origin and decay, that is birth and death respectively. According to the Bible, mankind was created by God, from the dust of earth. He infused the spirit of life in the corporeal frame of the otherwise lifeless entity and thus was the human being made. Jesus has told in his preachings that with death the soul departs and the entity turns into sod, from which it originated. Death has been considered Jesus as a sleep like state. While the righteous sleeps eternally, until they are resurrected by Jesus, the wicked are condemned.


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