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Yoga poses to stay healthy at your home during Corona virus lockdown

These days a message is becoming viral on social media in a tremendous way that the more laziness you get, the safer you will be. The meaning of the saying is that the more you stay in the house, the more you will be saved from corona, but we are not only safe, but also healthy. There are rare occasions when we get so much time with our family. We cannot, and should not, be removed all the time on TV and mobile.

Staying home from lockdown due to Covid-19 is now becoming healthier. Due to lack of exercise, the health of the body is also affected. Laziness, fatigue and stress are bound to increase due to not being physically active. Therefore, at such a time, there can be no better exercise than yoga. Apart from eating and sleeping at home, there is not much work left, so you have to focus on your health. For this, if you keep doing yoga for a few days, then your body will remain healthy and fit and the mind will also be relaxed.

Lockdown is underway in many countries of the world to deal with the increasing infection of the corona virus. Lockdown for up to may be 15 June has also been announced in India. People are in their homes these days and in this era of Corona crisis, they are participating in this important decision of the government.

Many companies have facilitated work from home and during this time people are working from home. These days the routine of people has also changed and in such a situation it is very important to keep yourself fit. People are taking care of their fitness from catering to exercise. In such a situation, the trend of online fitness training has also increased a lot these days. Come; let us know how the fitness has changed during lockdown, what changes have been made in people's routine and their lifestyle.

We all know that diseases are increasing very fast these days. Not only our habits are making us sluggish and lazy, but also bacteria, parasites and many viruses are being produced in the environment, due to which our bodies are being harmed. Medical professionals around the world are trying to create an anti-biotic, which can eliminate new age bacteria and viruses. People have started using organic products nowadays.

Doing yoga not only keeps your body healthy but also makes the mind happy. If daily yoga is practiced, the body's slowness also runs away and you experience mental peace, and then let us know which are the three poses daily which keep the body fit and fit.

Yoga is a simple and easy way to stay fit. In today's time everyone wants to look fit. A fit body remains disease free in all types. With this fit body plays an important role to look beautiful and attractive. If you are tired of trying in the gym to stay fit and still do not get any results, and then today's article is very important for you.

Yoga is a great way to keep your body fit. Some time ago yoga was considered to be practiced only for saints and those who have reached their old age. But now Yoga has also taken a wider place in the heart of the youth. Do you know that yoga is the fitness secret of celebrities.

Try these easy yoga poses at home during lock.

Mountain pose means Tadasana

Mountain pose is one of the easiest yoga exercises. First of all, stand up with legs and waist straight. Keep the heels together and both arms straight. Now pull the palms together and lift them upwards towards the sky. Now, breathing slowly, pull your body upward while standing on your toes. The body is taut and you breathe normally. The entire weight of the body will be on the claw. Now slowly return to normal position while exhaling.

Benefits of this yoga: This yoga corrects the posture of the body and also nourishes the spine. Also Relax knee, leg and thighs. It brings flexibility in the body and it is also a better posture for diabetes.

Rage arm pose means hand lift

The Hasta Uttanasana Mudra is part of the series of Surya Namaskar postures. This is the second posture and the 11th posture in Surya Namaskar or Surya Namaskar. To perform this asana, one has to stand still and upright. After this, raise both your hands directly in the air and after this, bend yourself back and move your hands too. Go back as easily as you can and stay in that posture for a while.

Benefits from this asana: By doing this asana, the dilation will improve and at the same time stretches the body in a better way, which causes the body to relax. It also stretches the stomach muscles. The biggest advantage of doing this yoga at this time is that it extends the chest and ribs so that the body is able to use oxygen properly. Also, lung capacity also develops.

Lunj Pose or Anjaneyasan

To perform Anjaneyasana, first of all you should stand up and move one leg out and one foot back. Now bend half and fold your arms up. Now slowly lean back as much as possible and slowly. Stay in this posture for two to three minutes and return to the old posture.

Benefits from this asana: Lungs are also strengthened by this asana and the body is detoxified. Muscles are strong and sciatica problem is overcome. It relieves the mind by removing body pain. This makes the thighs, hips and chests stronger. Also, it increases the efficiency, which increases your concentration.

Five types of yoga poses that can reduce health-related problems.

Adhar Matsyendrasan - to remove indigestion

Vakarasana - to relieve stress and anxiety

Evasion - to relieve back pain

Paschimottanasana - To Reduce Headache

Balasana - to get rid of sleeplessness

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