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Writing and registration of wills

When you think of registration of wills, you will have to be aware about few formalities. 


When you think of registration of wills, you will have to be equipped with some formal knowledge. Failing to understand will only create legal issues. There can be times when it will be null and void. Hence, if you truly care for your loved ones, you will have to first understand the legalities and then draft a will. The job doesn’t end at getting your will drafted. You will have to sign and store it at a safe place. Inform few close and trustworthy people about the will. This way the process can be smooth and safe to an extent.

How important is a will?

A will is a highly significant document that is drafted by a testator. This document indicates all the assets that belong to the testator and how he wishes them to be distributed upon his death. In the absence of a will, there can be several conflicting situations arising out of different claimants over the assets. Such situations and issues have to be then settled in a court. However, when a will is already been drafted by the testator, it will automatically come into effect upon the death of the individual or the testator. There are very few chances of the will being revoked or modified.

Who can apply for registration of wills?

Any individual who is not under age or a minor, a person who has a sound mind to draft a will can apply for registration of will. However, anytime a will can be easily challenged in the court on the grounds saying that it was made under undue influence or coercion. Hence, you need to be extremely careful while drafting the will and getting it registered. The individual has to be in absolute control of his faculties. And when you get it registered, you automatically minimize the risk of it being challenged.

How to apply for registration of wills?

You can hire an attorney who can guide you with the proper procedure for registration of wills. However, an innovative service like allows you to register the wills online. Access the help so that you do not have to worry about your will getting damaged or stolen. Interestingly, you can make minor or major changes in the will at any point of time that you feel at minimal charges. However, you will have to read and be updated with basic information on wills before registering.

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