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Workable ways to toss off mosquitoes from your premises

Summers are on your doorstep and the most detestable creatures you will find in your abodes are the mosquitoes. They are small and deserve your antipathy because they spread diseases and ruin the whole atmosphere of clean living. Addition to this, they spread many cataclysmic and dreadful diseases like dengue, fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. In this season, if you go out in a store to buy mosquito control repellants and sprays, you will find a swarm of products to control mosquitoes. But, before using these repellants and sprays, you should take some things environment and family safety under your consideration. Many smart yard techniques can work for you and significantly reduce the number mosquitoes in your home like clean off the places where water can stand, reduce the moisture and throw out the garbage. If you’re living in NJ then better option would be to call the mosquito pest control in NJ but you can try these DIY techniques also.

  The most simple and swift remedy to push away mosquitoes is usage of coffee grounds because they can’t bear the odor of coffee grounds. You need to disperse coffee grounds near the place you find moribund water. Deprivation of oxygen will kill mosquitoes.
  You can execute an effective use of mosquito traps. To prepare it, you need a plastic bottle, brown sugar in hot water, yeast and other steps to follow.

•  Garlic is an amazing remedy in this regard because it has mosquito larvicidal properties. You can cut few cloves of garlic and boil them for some minutes. Put it in a spray bottle and you have the most optimum solution to kick away the mosquitoes.
•  Other astonishing remedy is the lemon eucalyptus because leaves of this tree are full of mosquito repellant properties. You can even apply this on your skin to avoid the mosquito bites.

•  Mint has an impregnable and potent odor which doesn’t feel good to the mosquitoes. You can extract the oil from mint and pour it in a spray bottle. Then, spray the liquid on affected areas and you have your job done.
•  The usage of tea tree oil is not just effective in mosquitos’ case but it is equally effective to get rid of other insects as well. All you need to do is make a mixture of tea tree oil and water; pour it in a bottle and spray it on affected parts.
•  Additionally, peppermint is a natural insecticide because it has fresh and minty aroma to push mosquitoes away. Similarly, clove oil is the considered to be the mixture of many natural chemical repellants which can be effective in this regard.


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