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Wipe Out Unwanted Hair with the Ancient Techniques of Sugar(ed)

Getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair has always been a constant challenge for human beings. The inception of hormonal activities, puberty or even menopause leads to the growth of excessive hair. Long-term stress and emotional disorders are also the main causes of hair growth which needs to be addressed with natural hair removal services Singapore. Shaving might be an easy and convenient way to remove unwanted hair but it only eliminates cushion against friction which exposes your skin to infections. If you want your unwanted hair to be effectively removed without causing any sort of irritation and itching to your skin, then it is the right time to acquire natural hair removal technique from Sugar(ed). It is a trusted and renowned name that you can rely on for organic hair removal techniques. It is an acknowledged Singapore based beauty studio which takes immense pleasure in offering 100% natural skincare solutions to their customers.

Sugar(ed) offers sugaring, an ancient technique of hair removal which is made up of water-soluble sugar paste, comprising of sugar, water and lemon juice. It is generally a pain-free technique than other waxing methods. It is the most effectual and gentle hair removing method which helps in removing the dead skin cells from the skin, leaving the skin smooth and soft. If you have excessive hair on your skin, then you are highly recommended to opt for sugaring from Sugar(ed). Their team of professionals gently applies the sugar paste at body temperature which results in fewer ingrown hairs and far less breakage. If you want to flaunt your body in a bikini, then Waxing Singapore is just what you need. Amalgamated with mud treatment, the Brazilian wax helps in making your skin radiant and smooth by purging out hair and detoxifying skin.

Besides hair removal techniques, Sugar(ed) has got a lot to offer which completely enhance your aesthetics. Sugar(ed)'s Hungarian mud wrap and dead sea salt scrub helps your skin look more supple and younger. If you are dreaming to get beautiful eye lashes just like your favourite celebrities, then you can acquire lash perm Singapore technique from Sugar(ed). The lash treatment can beautifully enhance the lashes in a non-invasive and painless way. You can go to their official website and shop skincare and beauty products at an ease. Book your appointment online with Sugar(ed) today and get a skin you’d love to be in!

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Sugared Asia Pte. Ltd

Sugared is the first and only professional body-sugaring studio in Singapore, which is dedicated to the all-natural hair removal technique of sugaring. They specialize in hair removal Singapore, lash perm Singapore and organic hair removal with sugaring technique.

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