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WiFi Dropping Issue With Range Extender And Ways To Fix It

WiFi Range Extenders helps to enhance the network coverage throughout the home with strong and high speed internet. But, there can be situations where even after installing WiFi Range Extender and setup you may faces WiFi dropping issues.
In such cases to begin troubleshooting first you need to figure out whether the WiFi dropping issue is with your device or with our network and then follow the troubleshooting steps accordingly. 
Here are a few steps to follow:-
Tips Before Troubleshooting
➤ In case you have accession to any other smart devices that connects to the same network it is best to use those devices once to check whether the issue is with the network connection or your device.
➤ In case the problem turns out with your device follow the given steps:
Troubleshooting Of The Device
  • Check whether your device is connected to the correct network or not. Multiple networks in close proximity can overlap and you device might be wrongfully connected to the wrong network.
  • To avoid such situations put Unique SSID name to your router and extender by going to the router and login setup on their web apps.
  • Both your smart device and the Netgear router extender setup requires an update on a timely basis. A fluctuating internet might be caused due to outdated firmware. Thus make sure that you timely update the extender firmware.
If update goes wrong or don’t know how to do it. Then follow the guide: WiFi Extender Firmware Update Failed
  • In case there are too many network connections present the extender setup might become stressed and start to drop the connections even heavy gaming downloads can also cause overloading on the extender range leading to connection drop. 
  • In case you suspect the connection issue arose after installing or upgrading any particular software you may uninstall that software to recheck the connection.
  • Changing the windows network adapter settings.
✔Click on start button
✔Click on control panel
✔Search for adapter option
✔ Under network and sharing option click to view network connections
✔Right click to properties
✔Go to networking
✔Click configure option
✔Choose power management
✔Uncheck the allow power to turn off this device option
✔Click on OK option
➤  In case the problem turns out to be with the connection follow the given steps
Basic troubleshooting for WiFi Range Extender Setup
  • Your WiFi range extender is a device which receive signal from the router and then transmits it creating its own home network by amplifying it. Thus your entire setup should be in best of condition with respect to hardware.
  • So being with checking the hardware of all devices.
  • Make sure the distance between the two devices and your smart device falls within the range.
  • In case your router and extender device is surrounded by extremely reflective surfaces or strong concrete basement like surfaces relocate the devices in a more open surroundings.
  • Check if there is interference from any external devices or not.
  • Note that most routers are set at 2.4 GHz the same range where any household devices operates as well. In such cases trying changing the network range to 5Ghz.
  • Turn off microwave or any other large speakers etc.
  • Also ensure your wireless range extender is connected to your desired Wi-Fi network or not.
After all this, if you still faces WiFi dropping issues with your extender or looking for some professional help. Then you can contact extender login experts for proper guidance.


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