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Why Traveling with Toddlers is Tough

If you are already a mother, you don’t need to read further unless you are looking for a few sympathizing words. If you are a mother-to-be, it is better to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges that your little monster of a few months of age is going to throw at you, especially if you are planning to travel to a foreign destination.

Toddlers are demanding creatures

At such a small age, the infants are capable of sucking out each ounce of energy left in you. The worst part is that once they start crying out loud, you cannot stop them by shouting on them, which will make them cry even harder. They want your constant attention, which implies that you will not be able to focus on the gorgeous sights in front of you. When you are traveling in a car, airplane, or train, they will not let you sleep or enjoy talking to others. In the end, your entire world revolves around your toddler.

Toddlers are impatient

The tots are highly edgy mortals who want to move their hands and legs at every moment of the day unless they are sleeping. When you want your kid to sit still, he or she will want to jump around. You have to take decisions based on the safety of your baby and sideline the luxury aspect of anything. The hotel room, for instance, is where your kid can relax, play, and run. You cannot opt for a travelers’ hostel, which might turn out into a nightmare. You have to eat at places where your toddler can have some space to move around and the children-friendly food is available.

You cannot fly

Airplanes are the worst mode of transportation when it comes to traveling with little monsters as they hate the restricted space. The co-passengers may be otherwise nice people, but they hate cranky toddlers who do not let anyone else sleep. It becomes a tremendous challenge for the parents to pacify the toddlers who cannot sleep. Moreover, you have to gear up with the foods for your babies as they may outright reject the food from the airlines, which is anyway not so hygienic. In that case, it is better to drive by car in India or anywhere else. You can also hire Self-Drive Cars in Bangalore and other major cities, or go by trains for long journeys.

The accessories

You and your spouse can travel with just a backpack, but your babies need the entire house packed in luggage while traveling. If the toddler is addicted to the milk bottle for feeding, you cannot leave it at home. And you cannot clean the milk bottle everywhere because of the hygiene issues and it becomes difficult to find fresh milk at some places. You have to carry nappies, which may be very expensive in foreign destinations, if not India where you can find almost everything at cheap prices. And carrying a pram is a traveler’s nightmare, but is necessary if you want to keep your kid mollified. Many other things are there for you to pack in many bags, which cannot be avoided.

Having said all of the above, the rewards of traveling with the toddlers are much more than the challenges that you have to face. Moreover, you cannot keep calm if you are a passionate traveler and you have been traveling before the kids were born. Face the challenges with a pinch of salt because this cranky time is just a phase that will pass. And the unforgettable memories that you make will overcome every tough situation that you faced on your road trips.



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