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Why the Latest Angularjs Trend Getting Popular In The Real Estate Industry

In this blog, the attempt has been done to focus the latest trends of AngularJS web development for the real estate industry.

Well, this framework is one of the best options for Web Application Development as it offers ease of use and simplification to the javascript code. Further, it contains all the required tools to make a dynamic single page application and also offers agility.

Let's explore what are the benefits of developing real estate websites in AngularJS.

These days, the smart devices contribute approx 87% worldwide. Thus, the statistic provides the goal to enterprises in developing the marketing strategy. And, for a successful, dynamic and hybrid applications play a crucial role in connecting customers of both the portable and fixed device users.

Nowadays, most of the organization have started to improve and update their current application into the hybrid. And, so as the real estate developers are endeavoring to adopt hybrid web technologies to help this industry overcome the fierce competition, and top technological choice comes as the bonus. For instance; while developing an application, the platform must pose agile functionality, so that developers can switch easily.

Being known as the agilest platform, AngularJS provides efficiency and is the best platform for application development.

The new version of AngularJS – 4.X allows developers to create websites that are full fills future requirement and technologically advanced.

Depending upon the latest trend, the advanced features incorporated in AngularJS helps in developing visually stunning and engaging applications which can otherwise take longer development time with other existing frameworks.

Here are features of AngularJS that make it ideal for real estate application development:

  • Declaration of the HTML approach
  • Reusable components
  • Ease of data binding
  • Form validation
  • End to end integration
  • MVVM/MVC design pattern

Core features of AngularJS

Data Binding − It allows automatic data synchronize between the view components and the model.

Scope − Generally, the objects refer to the model and represent as a string between the controller and the view.

Services − There are singleton objects, consolidated as built-in services in AngularJS and are instantiated in the app that too only once.

Filters −  It allows selection of a subset of items from an array and renders a new array.

Directives − AngularJS has some built-in directives which are markers on DOM elements and employed to build custom HTML tags that serve as unique custom widgets.

Templates −  These are the distributed view with data from the controller and model. It can be in the form of a single file or multiple views in one page using partials.

Routing −  It is considered as the switching views notion.

Model View Whatever −  MVC is a design pattern used to divide the application as a Model, View, and Controller. Instead of taking it as conventional sense,  AngularJS implements it as MVVM (Model-View-View-Model)  which is ironically called as Model View Whatever.

Deep Linking − Deep linking enables encoding the state of the application in the URL for it to be bookmarked following which the application can be restored from the URL to the same state.

Latest Version and Trend:

The recent release of Angular 6, the team already started working on the AngularJS 1.7 release.

Further, the AngularJS app is still under works, and soon to come up with new versions to support upgrading an app.  

AngularJS 1.7 will provide much-needed relief, as the developers do not require to start from scratch. On July 1, 2018, the platform was officially out with an update and 3-year Long Term Support.

The Fast-Paced Growth of AngularJS - an open source front-end framework— lies in its ease to learn and ideal compatibility for Single Page Applications (SPAs). Therefore, millions have been using AngularJS to develop small or large web and mobile applications.

When we compare the Angular, it is grown five folds faster than AngularJS.

Upgrading a large application from AngularJS to Angular is a daunting task. Nevertheless, with AngularJS 1.7, things are quite different as little guidance will help you easily upgrade your app.


Many sectors like real estate, sports, transportation, health, and fitness industries, trust AngularJS platform for application development. Moreover, well-known brands across the globe like Amazon, Netflix, Forbes, LinkedIn and etc, are using this framework.

And the AngularJS is the best application development platform to overcome the competition pertaining in the digital realm.

Have you decided to work with AngularJs Web Application Development framework?

Or looking for an AngularJS development company?

It is the most trending platform when it comes to web development applications, thus,  hire an Angular developer. AngularJS development company like Root Info Solution - hold expertise in agile and hybrid real estate front-end application.


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