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Why Powder Coating Is the Best for Metals?

The use of powder coating is a good way of giving metal fabricated items an amazing and professional look, most of the metal fabrication companies have long implementedliquid coating in San Pablo because of the several advantages it has when used. Read on to know why powder coating service in Richmond, CA would provide the best coating for you.

Although there are several kinds of finishing options within the metal fabrication industry, the use of FBE coating in San Pablo is relatively new. Prior to this technology, nearly all metal was painted, but it was observed that the paint did not bond very well with items that are fabricated with metal, and lots of paint would be used on a product before the maximum thickness is reached.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the use of powder coating was developed as an alternative to painting metal and are now used for FBE coating repair in Richmond, CA. The equipment which is used for this technology provides a much more uniform coating on metallic materials and the coat is also thicker offering higher durability and resistant to cracking, scratching, peeling as well as rusting. The overspray can be recycled and this helps in the reduction of the amount of paint washed thereby reducing the expenses.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Powder coating is used for FBE coating repair Richmond, CA and the process consist of two main steps. The first step is the application of the powder with the aid of an electrostatic gun, which sprays the powder or dipping the items in a fluidized bed which is less common. Curing the item involves heating up the items in a gas fire convection bake oven until the powder melts and then forms a smooth film. The majority of the powder is usually cured at 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes, but the use of new technology designed will allow the powder to cure at 300 to 325 degrees which can help in saving a significant amount of energy. After curing the product are then cooled off and you are set with an amazing and lovely finish on your metal items.

Powder coating services are available in Richmond, CA and there are various resin bases such as hybrids, polyesters, epoxies, urethanes as well as acrylics. In addition to the different resin bases which are available, the powder is also available in different textures as well as gloss levels. You can either choose from veins, textures, smooth, wrinkles, hammertones as well as peels. You would be able to get your FBE coating repair in Richmond, CA which ranges from old world styles to the modern and contemporary looks.

While powder coating can be used on different materials, metal fabrication is the favorite. If you have a metal item such as a metal shelving or filing cabinet, there is likelihood that they were powder coated rather than painted. Also, the use of powder is relatively cheaper and also provides a long lasting durable finish.


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