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Why Long Term Travel Makes You Crave for Home

Traveling around the world for months is extremely exhausting, not just physically but mentally as well. Until you leave home, you may want to travel forever and never come back. However, just after a few days of separation from your home, family, bed, and friends, you realize that you actually loved everything about your regular life. It just needs a period of separation to realize the worth of everything we take for granted. Can you relate to these things if you have been traveling for a long time?

Best friends are difficult to make

Your childhood friends, family members, and neighbors- all these people seem too dull when you are at home. However, when you cannot meet them, you realize that you are missing those silly talks of the evening. You could call anyone and talk for an hour without even asking for their wellbeing. You could attend those boring family weddings and kids’ birthdays, but now nobody invites you for a celebration. Yes, you can be there at the group parties at the travelers’ hostels, but they do not appeal anymore after a point. You miss congratulating and visiting your friends becoming parents. And you just can’t take it anymore.

The friends that you make on a foreign land are not your permanent friends because you both will move on to a new place someday. You may even start dreading being friends with new people for the fear of saying goodbye one day. Hence, it becomes really challenging to make new friends and keep them close forever. And even if you call your old school friends, it takes a long time to get on the same page for both of you.

 Talking to people

When you were on your homeland, you could say Hi to anyone on the street and expect a smile in return. You could ask anyone about their wellbeing and they would respond positively; it was a great conversation starter you know. But now on a foreign land, you cannot even say Good Morning to anyone without sounding like a foreigner. You have to gear up to ask for directions and deal with money. It feels terrible to feel like an alien at a new place every two years, try to make yourself familiar with people, and then feel like a stranger again. You start missing your silly neighbors and the small talk you had with them.

The legal things

In your country, you grew up with the knowledge of legal and illegal things. You knew the traffic rules, the documents required for getting things done, and you had your ID cards in place. You had every paper required for any kind of documentation. If you were born in India, it was a cakewalk to take Innova for hire for Self Drive in Chennai. But when you are a foreigner in India, the same task becomes challenging. You have to show countless proofs of being a legit foreigner just to drive on the mountains of India. Don’t you miss the feeling of being so comfortable with the local laws? Yes, you do.

You have tasted everything on the menu that you could pronounce properly on Day 1. You have met a lot of new people in different countries, and all of them are amazing people. You have seen hundreds of religious sites and done a lot of adventurous activities. And now you miss home, you surely do without feeling guilty about it. Call someone at home and talk to them for hours and tell them that you miss them a lot.  




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