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Why is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

We live in a modern world where a new thing happens every sec, we are instantly updated. The internet revolution initiated a new age of personal and technical supremacy. Digital is the need for the hour and, as Bill Gates said, "Online is the city square for tomorrow's global village." Marketing is an integral aspect not just for business growth, but also to raise brand awareness, it is important to evaluate and understand what kind of marketing can have long-lasting effects on consumers. According to Philip Kotler, one of the top business brains, a leading strategic marketing specialist and social media forefather, "Marketing is not the art of finding ways to dispose of what you do. It's building real consumer interest. It's making the clients get better off. The marketer's keywords are price, service and value. Nevertheless, the ongoing controversy between digital marketing and conventional marketing is a constant one, and while most marketing is conducted in the traditional manner, digital marketing is gaining a steady edge get free consultation with digital marketing experts digital marketing company in Pondicherry.

Traditional commercialization

Modern marketing is a traditional promotional form. It's used since advertising began. It incorporates various forms of marketing from print-to-direct mail marketing. It contains the following:

Newspaper Television Radio Flyers, pamphlets, brochures Billboards Magazine ads

Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing incorporates all 4Ps in marketing- Item, Price , Promotion and Location, while in digital marketing, primary emphasis is on advertising where product / service can achieve more attention and response. Online marketing covers all digital platforms such as search engines , social media, email, and their blogs to advertise brand / service and create sales. This benefits the intended market specifically high with digital marketing company in chennai.

Advantage of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing and internet marketing have their own benefits. Since the emergence of modern age emerging technology, there's no question that online marketing has launched a new trend. Digital marketing has some obvious advantages over conventional marketing, and these are listed below.

Comparatively affordable

Advertising and marketing are vital to any business, but it's certainly a costly affair. Although paying out capital may be pretty straightforward for big business, it's complicated for small companies or start-ups. Marketing via digital channels, however, is more economical than conventional methods. With a bare minimum investment, you can subscribe to an email marketing provider and email thousands of customers. Though advertisements via the newspaper , television and other other media advertising cost a lot.

Higher Return On Investment

For any company, all that matters most is return on investment. Digital marketing returns dramatically on small budgets. If it's digital marketing or running ads on social media sites, it's still cost-effective relative to conventional marketing strategies.

Real Time Result

In traditional marketing, you can't track everything and don't see the results immediately. Evaluating a campaign's accuracy takes longer. Whereas internet media makes it possible to grasp the advertising campaign's success rate. You will tell whether a program works successfully or not immediately. It's also simple to calculate, e.g. number of shares, transfer rate, interaction rate, etc. Also we can achieve results with long and effective with SEO company in Chennai.


In conventional communication tool type, it is not always possible to target a whole region or demographic, or only concentrate on one portion of the population and neglect the others. In comparison, digital ads will touch the entire globe or you can also build your target audience accordingly. Through digital marketing, you can retarget the consumer depending on their interests. Only a person has a option to see an ad or skip, enter a social media chat group, or read or miss a marketing text.



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