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Why Indians Eat Food with Their Hands

Even after the internet has explained it well to the world why Indians use their hands to eat food, millions of people are still curious about it. Very few cuisines from the Indian menu are designed to be eaten using a spoon, such as gravies. We have eaten food with our hands, which must be clean, since hundreds of centuries. Although the world looked down upon Indians for their eating mannerism, many nations now understand the necessity and benefits of eating with hands.

  • The healthy bacteria called normal flora is present in our finger tips and palms, which enters out body when we use hands to eat. We must swallow this beneficial bacteria which is great for digestion.
  • We can feel the texture of food when we touch it, and it produces the signals in the mind about the feeling of the cuisine to release digestive juices. These juices must be in correct proportion in the body to aid digestion.
  • Although the sensory senses of sight, hearing, taste, and smell are used when we eat using cutlery, we cannot use the fifth sense of touch. Eating with hands allows the body to use the fifth sense as well, and hence aids digestion once more.
  • When we touch food, we get to know its temperature. Hence, we can avoid burning our tongue if the food is too hot.
  • The ancient Hindu Vedas have established a comparison between our fingers and five elements. When we eat using all five fingers, we stimulate these elements:
  1. Space for thumb
  2. Air for forefinger
  3. Fire of middle finger
  4. Water for ring finger
  5. Earth for little finger
  •  Thousands of nerve endings are there on our finger tips. Touching food with the tips of our fingers ensures that the brain receives signals for eating and digesting food.
  • Eating food with hands is a little form of exercise as well.
  • Type 2 diabetes is common in the western countries, one of the reasons for which is that they eat only using knife, fork, and spoon. The cutlery makes people eat faster than they should, and hence, the food is not digested properly.
  • The restaurants often do not wash their utensils properly, which means the customers may receive unclean cutlery. In contrast to it, hands are restricted to an individually only. He or she can wash the hands thoroughly and use them for eating, which is way more hygienic than using cutlery.
  • In the Indian culture, it is common for mothers to feed their children with their hands to show affection for them. No number of forks and spoons can match the care and love that is shown when mothers use their hands to feed the toddlers, and even adults. The same is true for children who like to feed their parents with hands to show their love and care.
  • Eating with hands makes us feel satisfied and full. You can compare eating pasta with fork and eating a chapatti with hands. You will automatically realize which method makes you feel more gratified.
  • Last but not the least, the Indian food is designed to be eaten with hands. Imagine eating a chapatti with fork and knife; you will never be able to do it.


Whether you are a commoner or a wealthy person in India, whether you travel by Car Rental Delhi or use public transport, you cannot leave your culture ever in life even if you want. You will feel happier eating with hands. It is a blessing to have a culture as rich as we have in India, and we must respect it.



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