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Why India is Not for Every Foreign Tourist

For anyone who has heard even a little about India, it is not difficult to understand that India is a country beyond a single person’s explanation. Every corner of the country presents a different picture, a different vibe, and a unique set of cuisines. All these diversities may make your stay at the extreme ends of bliss or misery in just a short time. You need to come to India with a very open mind and equally open heart to make the most of your vacation. Else, you must know a few things that you may or may not compromise during your visit.

The sights of new India 

If you come to India from any other country beyond the immediate borders, you will probably reach the airport for the first time. As soon as you cross the boundaries of the airport, the first sights of India may leave you awestruck. You will spend your time gazing every single thing out of the window of your taxi. Cattle, dogs, and cats roam around freely. Men can pee anywhere on the roads. Piles of trash are a common sight almost everywhere.

The welcome

Since you will be in the urban city for a day or two before heading to the touristy destinations, you may not feel very good about India. People in the cities are not very welcoming, and you will receive stares from hundreds of people for your foreigner looks. All this may keep startling you since you are new in India. If you spend more than a week in any city, you will realize that all those stares were harmless, and that people are actually nice when you talk to them. There are people who get used to these stares, but it is not easy.

The food

If you come from the West, the Asian flavors may be a completely new thing for you. As opposed to the popular notion, Indian food is not very spicy at all places, but it is abound with flavors at all times unless you stay in a five-star hotel every single day! When you are eating the street food of any city, you are sure to get at least half a dozen flavors. Do not get intimidated by the sheer variety of flavors, rather enjoy each bite of your food. If your body is too sensitive or allergic to unhygienic food, you certainly need to be cautious and eat the Indian street food only from branded outlets.

The transportation

If you are not using app-based cabs or options like car hire Mumbai, trains, or airplanes, someone will surely try to con you. The auto-rickshaw drivers and the rickshaw-pullers are the worst culprits. They will shamelessly ask you for a huge amount just to cover a small distance. You may need to negotiate a lot or just pay what they ask for. If you are not abundantly rich, you must ask the local people around what should be the legit fare to reach a certain place.


To visit India, you have to be very patient and curious to appreciate this complex country in the first place. Talk to a lot of people for local advice related to each place. No guide on earth can guide you about being a traveler in India. For a true word of advice, stay away from places that are infamous for their crime rate; only a few cities are there on this list. Even if you go there, do not go unaccompanied. All in all, India can be an overwhelming experience for you, whether or not you go unprepared.



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