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Why Ecommerce SEO is Necessary? Ecommerce SEO benefits

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the website’s authority and get higher ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Major Search Engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo where the websites are getting ranking according to their relevancy.

Why Search Engine rankings are important?

Ignoring SEO is like slow poison for your rankings. Organic rankings are important for users as well as Search engines. Internet users always feel reliable on the organic rankings rather than those sponsored ads. It’s so obvious that our seo services in Delhi believe in hard work more than the money, the reasons behind trust factor of users on the organic Search Engine rankings. Also, they hold a higher conversion rate so utilize your time in creating some dynamic content.

SEO is all about reliable and informative content that appeal clicks on its own. There are so many companies that are making content for the wrong reasons. It is good to post your content other authoritative websites (domains) but if you are able to post it regularly, it would be better to put more original content under your own domain. Titles have enough power to get click on the Search results so make it more catchy and relevant. Keywords are important but sprinkle them wisely; beware of the keyword stuffing.

Here are the statistics that make you convince for doing ecommerce SEO

  • 93% of the buyers start their research with the Google search
  • 44% of the Online shoppers start with a Search engine
  • First 5 results are meant to be for 67.60% of all the clicks
  • 70% of the users click on Organic results and that’s huge

If your concept is new and there is low competition, there are chances that your business can get higher ranking in the meantime. Content, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (On page and Off page) can help you in doing so. Once your Email subscriber list started increasing, consider it as a plus point because they are going to be your regular readers.

9 tips for improving your ecommerce SEO

  1. Set up efficient and relevant keywords
  2. Use keywords with proper strategy in the anchor text and relevant places like Meta title and Description
  3. Avoid using Duplicate content in any form
  4. Product descriptions play an important role in the Sale and Purchase area
  5. Always optimize your Product images like they are up to the mark or not, compression of images, Alt tag update, Relevancy and their Uniqueness.
  6. The URL must be SEO optimized i.e., Readable, No capital letters, No underscores, Usage of canonical URLs with adding up of the Mobile URLs to a sitemap.
  7. The traffic coming to your website must be converting to sales.
  8. Avoid broken links as they are increasing 404 errors to the website that surely hurt the rankings. They can easily be checked in Google Webmaster tool. Our ecommerce website development company can do it for free.
  9. Improve its usability in terms of users as well as Search Engines.


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