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Why dogs are the best companions?

Bad day at work? Your girl friens abandoned you? Your friends bullied you? Well. the moment you enter home, you will be seeing a cute little four legged buddy, striking his way through as if he had not seen you for years when you had only had been gone for a while, showing you with love and joys. 

In early times, people kept dogs only for safety purposes. They gaurd houes and keep wrong people away and do not demand a salary for that. They can also annoy your loud mouth neighbour if trained for that.

While humans are short tempered and act act rude sometimes. dogs never lose their cool. People make a big deal or fuss out of it. Dogs don;t lose their cool. They forgibve and forget. They love you no matter who tells them stop loving you.

Who would not like the dogs who shows only the love with all their might. Dogs are the only creatures in the world that loves their master more than they love themselves. They are the best pets in the world. 

The reaon why they are the best pets are pretty understandable by everyone. They are best companions, protectors, lovers and friends and thry excel in every role that make us happy deep inside. 

Though dogs don't demand much, It's our duty to fulfil their needs. Dog's needs are not that bigger. It is extremely easy to make your pet dog happy. They get excited even the silliest thing you can ever imagine. Dogs are easy going creatures whih always loves to be chill and happy.

Dog's demand demand are pretty straight foward. Walk twice a day is a must. Feeding your dog a good quality dog food twicw a day is good. It is also important to not overfeed your dog to prevent obesity. Giving your dog an access to clean drinking water all the time is important. Vacinnation and timely vet visits, and preventive treatments are eaqualy important.

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Dogs are loyal beings. They never forget the help that some one  had done to them. They are known for this best quality that is loyalty. If you feed a dog once, he will never forget you for the lifetime. Dogs can never go extinct when humans are around. Dog are evolved to understand human communication and feelings and that is the reason they are liked by most people. 

They are loyal, affectionate and very entertaining. while there are many animals we can admire at, only dogs can dogs can relate the way they do.


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