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Why career counselling is important for students in India

Career is an important part of life and choosing one that is aligned to your character assures better work life balance and success. Studies have revealed that work-related stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression and gastrointestinal problems.

Therefore, it is important to pick your career wisely. However high school students are required to take this wise decision when they are not even aware of their personality, their talents and skills. They often pick their stream with the help of their guardians, and siblings. This is one reason why students leave education after high school and perform below average. They feel disinterested with the choice of subjects. Lessons in the middle school were quite basic and once they choose them for higher studies, it becomes complex and confusing.

Here are few reasons for go for professional career counselling instead of depending on your teachers and parents for advise.

Use of scientific tools

Career counsellors use psychometric tools to assess your persona. Do you know that each one has a unique personality and even twins have different traits? Although genes play a significant role, yet there are wide disparities because of which your reaction in an identical situation is way different from your sibling’s. You may share a common passion as your parents or siblings, but do you have the right aptitude to pursue them as your career. Certain job roles need a specific combination of traits which gives the candidates an edge over those who do not have similar skills. This is one reason, big companies use psychometric assessment during the hiring process. They endeavour to scale down the risk of hiring a wrong candidate. Hence it is prudent to use scientific methods to test your personality traits, interests, skills and talents to find a matching career path.

Exposure to new career options

Career counsellors are in the business of studying the changing job market and upcoming career trends. They are aware of new creative courses that will give you success in less time. Once you take their services, you will be amazed to find job-oriented courses that you thought never existed. They can guide you to the right institutes that offer placement services after taking their course.

Enhance your skills and make you job ready

After your thorough psychometric assessment, they are aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Most career counsellors are psychologists and study behavioural science. They will guide you in areas where you need improvement and how to identify situations which can be unpleasant for you. They can help you with a simple grooming workshop and help you build on your confidence if you need help in that area.

 Having said this, most schools in India do not offer career counselling but you can google them and find the best counsellors in your city. A better way is to book a counsellor online. Career Aptitude Test provides online aptitude tests and career counselling sessions by experienced psychologists and career experts.




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Career Aptitude Test is an educational organisation providing career guidance using psychometric tests to high school students.

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