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Wholesalers are moving more towards artsy glass!

Pricing is one advantage that you should be considering when choosing a sourcing partner . It makes great business to choose someone who has been there and has been around business circles . Leaf glass has been around since 1995 and has serviced many distributors in USA. The business trend now is moving more and more to Artsy Wholesale Glass Pipes



What is selling is basically anything that is different from market. Reason being profit margins are dying in regular supply of products like plain 3 inch glass pipes, 2.5 glass pipes. Mainly because Chinese , Mexican, Indian suppliers have started offering direct deliveries to Retailers at killer prices. That makes no room for Distributors to really distribute. Your option is either to to do volume of those products at smaller margins or shift to higher end products, which actually gives you an edge over. 


But really how many units can a retailer sell of 120$ bong! Shifting completely to higher end doesn’t really make sense. 20-30$ retail pipes is a category one should look at more to target. Pipes that are attractive , the ones that make you stand out and unique, yet competitively priced. When you create your own style of product selection, chances are Retailers will also buy more of your volume products too. In any business curator and how your final selection of products shows a lot about how you run your business. 

Now days the designs that are coming are some from real artists there is no dirth of finding the right artists to work for you. I tried learning the art of glass making myself but with team of right artists backing us up we have come a long way and were soon able to create a selection of pipes which are totally new for the market. The advantage is No copies, You control your designs. And customers are happy buying original. Websites will come and go but if you are an artist you will always be appreciated and followed. Its not the time for artist to die poor J And glass is so so  niche and sought after. Its easy to do plastic or metal compared to Glass, that’s why it will always be bread and butter. Wood is another good pipe one can look into but glass somehow has more “color” and art is see through. Try drinking any drink from plastic or wood or a can… a smoker gets the same natural feel when they smoke through glass. Maybe it’s the silica that makes everything so natural. Plus its easily bio degaradable, unlike silicone or anything not so natural.

Once we understand the product well its easy to sell to markets and resellers. Believing in what you are selling is the first thing. Its half the battle won. Anyone who needs more inpt can contact me on how to sell and what to sell in this growing industry

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