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Which Stream to Take during your schooling to join Engineering

Are you dreaming of becoming an engineer? You have no clue on what to pursue to become an engineer?  Here we are enlisting few courses which you ought to take in your schooling if you want to become an engineer. Generally it is advisable to take a science stream in schooling to get better aligned with engineering. However, considering your interest is also a major factor while you choose a course in schooling. Before choosing a course in schooling has an idea on the subjects of engineering which might be different depending on the engineering stream. So, knowing your stream in engineering is also an important aspect while you choose your course during schooling.

Generally mathematics, physics and chemistry are the three main subjects which are common to any stream of engineering. Hence, choosing a course which includes all three subjects would be the best course for your schooling. However, there are two ways through which you can join engineering. The first is to complete your +2 i.e., 11th, 12th and then join engineering. The other way is to do a diploma course right after completing your 10th and then join engineering. You can take either of these two ways and can join the course of your dreams.

If you opt for the first way you must choose a group which consists of mathematics and science as main subjects. If you opt for diploma then you ought to choose a stream which you want to pursue in your engineering right before joining the diploma course and you must do your engineering in the same stream later. However, very minor number of students opts to diploma as it limits the number of institutions through which you can pursue your engineering. Yes, you read it right if you opt to go through diploma you are missing out an opportunity to pursue engineering in India’s top universities and institutions as they do not consider diploma students. Hence, it is advisable to go for 10+2 way through which you can get admission in to big institutions.

However, choosing diploma is also a good choice if you want to streamline your capabilities right from the beginning. You might miss a big ticket if you take up diploma but you can strengthen your understanding and knowledge in the area of your interest. Thus, choosing either a science stream in +2 or diploma after 10th both are beneficiary depending on your interest. Choosing either of them would ensure your entry in to engineering course one giving you an option to enter world’s premier institutions while another right size your knowledge and abilities in a particular stream. Hence, choosing one out of these two ways depends on your interest and your future plans.

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