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Which Jeans are The Most Comfortable for Curvy Women?

Plus size fashion seems to have become a cool trend for those who have a tough time cutting weight, but look gorgeous nevertheless. And for curvy females, shopping is a bit different compared to the petite ones. However, the constantly and quickly growing fashion industry, resulting in endless options for curvy women. What used to be almost a no-no for plus sized girls is now available in multiple comfortable alternatives, a common instance being jeans. On top of that, this season, plenty of rewards program websites are giving out amazing discounts and deals, such as a chance to win Topshop vouchers.

So if you are a plus sized sweetheart, here are the jeans options that you can pick from:

Mid-rise jeans

If you hate skin hugging jeans and don’t like the slouchy ones either, your preference should be for these. This type holds on to your body from the top till the middle, and then begins to loosen all the way down. It can also help to contour the curves and give the illusion of long legs. In other words, it has more room for your broad thighs and hips, which definitely sounds as well as feels comfortable.

Straight legged jeans

These types are probably one of the safest bets for women with curves, since they’d fit your figure ideally instead of hugging your body or creating unattractive bulges. It is, in fact, a must-have wardrobe staple for every plus sized woman. Win Topshop vouchers and go all out when grabbing the most comfortable straight legged option for yourself.

High waisted jeans

A good number of women are fond of old school styles such as high waisted jeans, which take the shape of your body and therefore, create a perfect fit for the wearer. The main trick is the way that these jeans have their waistbands designed.

Bootcut jeans

No, they are not the non-stretchable and duty thick denim that they were a long while ago. Currently, plenty of brands make bootcut jeans for plus-sized, curvy women as well. After all, why should zero figure ladies have all the fun (no offense to them, though)! These pairs stretch exactly where they should and offer a bootcut shape that you’d fall in love with.

So go ahead and get one or more of these jeans options for yourself, and make sure to not miss out on the chance to win Topshop vouchers for enjoying amazing discounts.



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