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Which is the most current and popular stream in Engineering?

The most common query in the minds of upcoming engineering aspirants is which stream to choose or which is the most popular stream right now? According to us, all streams are equally good and popular. However, choosing a stream is always depends on the interests of the individual and his future plans. Choose a stream that best demonstrates your abilities and best fits to your future plans just do not pick a stream because it is famous among your peer group.  For the convenience of aspirants like you who are baffled with multiple queries while choosing a stream of your engineering here we are enlisting few insights on the trendy engineering streams.

Computer science /Information technology engineering is one of the most sought after streams in these days. The reason for such popularity are  multiple which include , high pay packages, on sight offers, high career growth and so on . If you want to step in to this stream remember you must have minimum knowledge and interest in data base management and application development processes. The second best and famous stream is electronics and communication engineering or in short ECE. This stream offers wide spread knowledge on core areas and offers high pay packages next to IT industry. If you are planning to take ECE you must have interest in new electronic gadgets and their design systems. This stream offers you many opportunities in core area provided if you are a tech savvy coupled with interest in digital designing.

The next best stream of engineering that offers good package and more core area opportunities is electrical & electronic engineering (EEE). This area suits to those who are interested in dealing with various electrical instruments. Basically this stream offers wide spectrum of knowledge in the area of electric circuit design and instrumentation and this area offers jobs in various prestigious institutions such as, Railways, steel factories etc. There are numerous opportunities available in government sector for people who are interested in pursuing engineering in EEE.

The next most demanding and ever green stream of engineering is Mechanical engineering. This stream has a lot of demand in the market irrespective of time. This stream offers opportunities in most prestigious and noteworthy institutions such as ISRO, Railways and so on with attractive pay packages. This stream suits you if you are interested in designing and analyzing anything that moves. The next best engineering stream that would not only give you name but also allow you to build the place of your dreams is civil engineering. This stream suits you if you are interested in making buildings or any construction as your style statement.  Civil engineers are the people who participate majorly in the infrastructure development activities of any country’s government. If you choose this stream you will be able to design a whole new city of your style along with attractive pay & perks. Hence, we advise you to join the stream that becomes your passion not just profession.

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