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What to See on Your Boat Rental in Greece?

Greece is a country full of history but also has more than 300 navigation islands that await you in your visit by Luxury yacht charter.

•    Points of interest: You will find depending on the area's places with great historical character to the great beauty in the landscape.

•    Its islands, beaches, and coves: The great variety of islands and navigation areas that we will explain to you, will then make you come out in awe, wanting to know more and more by sea its coasts and islands.

•    Nautical activities: Being the most extensive navigation area in the Mediterranean with the number of different places to rent, you can paddleboard, kayak, diving, snorkeling and all the nautical activities that you can think of.

Navigation conditions on your boat in Greece:

Nautical charts Greece and navigation in the Hellenic country is simple but nevertheless, it is convenient to be cautious with the famous Meltemi, a north wind that rises in June, increases in July and August, and decreases as of September.

It is navigation between crystalline waters, green natural landscapes and contrasts with other more rocky points. In addition, despite being a well-known tourist destination, in several of these islands, you will be able to find the ideal place for rest and tranquility, away from tourist agglomerations.

Let yourself be impregnated by the Mediterranean nature, the Greek gastronomy and all the halo of classical culture that we inherited from the Hellenic country. It is a wonderful memory to have visited Athens arriving by sea.

Sailing yacht charter Greece is dangerous especially in July and August since the force of the wind can reach levels of 7 or 8 in the Beaufort Scale. The thermal effect makes it lose strength in the afternoon and then resume it again in the morning. Therefore, it is more than advisable to inform yourself the day before of the time you will do during the planned navigation and thus not to take surprises. In fact, with a good meteorological analysis and a well-studied route, it will be possible to sail in the Aegean.

Greece offers a wide variety of types of Motor boat charter with or without skipper. In addition, it has many ports and marinas at your disposal both on the peninsula and on its islands. Specifically, the most visited are Corfu, the Cyclades islands and the Dodecanese islands: there are areas for landing, shops and commercial spaces for supplies, refueling points, and water supply.


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