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What to Do When You are Scared of Heights?

For many people, bungee jumping might be a thrilling activity. And for a small lot of people in the world, the same bungee jumping is the worst nightmare of their lifetime. A mild flapping in the stomach is normal when you are on a significant height, but having a panic attack on the same height certainly needs steps to cure it. You may be able to manage your life with acrophobia, or irrational fear of heights, but it becomes extremely challenging to handle when you are traveling alone or with other people. If you are aware of your situation of being terrified of heights, you must cure it in time using the tips mentioned below:

Recognize your fear

The first step in curing any anxiety is to recognize it in the first place. You must know the extent of height that scares you and let everyone know about it. Whoever forces you to climb a skyscraper must know that you do not like it. This may seem contradictory to curing your fear, but the remedy should begin only when you are prepared for it. Pick a trustworthy person from your family or friends and take his or her help to let you come out of the fear. Now the process of beating the acrophobia begins.

Look at the safety measures

When you are traveling, you will have to go to various places and climb different heights. When you are in a skyscraper, you should look at the railings on the staircase, an alarm-secured lift, toughened glass of the windows, etc. These things are meant for everyone’s protection, and your safety as well. Assure yourself and take help from your fellow travelers to climb those extra floors. Ask them to leave you alone for a few minutes when you are least expecting it. Try not to get scared on an altitude when you are alone.

Do not look down

Never look down from an altitude, especially when nobody is around. When you are on the hills, for example, try to admire the natural beauty around you without looking down the valley. When you are on the rooftop of a high-rise building, try to admire the beauty of the metropolitan and the view you see from where you are standing. If you are standing in front of a French window on 20th floor of a building, never look at the cars running on the streets. Take a chair, place it at two feet of distance from the window, and busy yourself in reading or anything else. In short, distract yourself whenever you know that heights will scare you.

Expose yourself gradually

Never climb up too much of altitude suddenly; just increase the height you go gradually. You may go to the first floor of a building, for instance, and stand in the balcony for a while. Day by day, month by month, and year by year, start increasing your target heights. It will increase your confidence to deal with altitudes progressively.

When you are traveling in India, for example, you may love to go for road trips. However, traveling anywhere in the world requires courage. If you love driving, you may hire Self Drive Car Rental Bangalore Airport in India, and drive gradually to heights. Driving a car on the hills distracts you from looking down to the valleys and keeps your stomach fine. People often do not puke when they are driving. You may also try to distract yourself when you drive a car. Keep it in mind that you should never consume stimulants whether or not you are driving. Consuming alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks is not good for acrophobia.



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