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What to do if computer is not working properly after Windows 10 update

Windows is the most commonly used Operating System in the computers. For proper compatibility of the operating system and the applications that are installed in the computer, the operating system should be up to date. The updated operating systems will work efficiently by giving the best results to the users.
The latest version of Windows that is compatible with the new applications is Windows 10. By updating the Windows, the user experiences better speed of the operating system and other applications on the computer. Although the update gives better results but sometimes when the user updates the operating system to Windows10, they might face some issue. There are some of the fixes for the issue of computer not working properly after windows 10 update:
First method
This is the method in which the user runs the Hardware and Device troubleshooter. It can be done by following below listed steps:
In the first step, the user needs to open the Control panel which is typed in the field which comes up after pressing Windows+R.
Then in the search bar, troubleshooting is typed and then from the available options Troubleshooting is clicked.
Next step is to click on the option of Hardware and Sound and then the Hardware and Devices is clicked.
After that, the user has to just follow the steps mentioned in the Troubleshooter.
In case the issue is still there, the next method should be followed.
Second method
In this method, the Touchpad driver is updated, which involves the following steps:
The Device Manager is selected from the options that come up after pressing the Windows+x keys.
After that, the Touchpad driver is located on the screen.
The user needs to right click on the Touchpad driver icon in the list and then Update Driver Software option is clicked.
Finally, the Search automatically for Updated Driver Software option is clicked.
Driver installation in Compatibility mode
The download of latest drivers can be done from official website and installation is done in the compatibility mode.
In the first step, the user needs to right click on the driver’s set up file and then Properties are selected.
Then, the Compatibility tab is selected.
The check box is selected for running the program in compatibility mode and operating system is selected.
Finally the installation is completed and functionality is checked.
For any query or issue, the Computer technical support can be contacted whose contact info is available on the Google which can be searched easily or contacting the Microsoft for Windows related issue.


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