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What Small Businesses Need To Know About Domain Trademark?

Overview of domain trademark:

A domain name is an integral part of small businesses. Since businesses are taking help of the sites to enhance the visibility in the market, the usefulness and the purposes of the domain trademark has been increasing. Generally, the function of the domain name is similar to the offline trademark. It works as a magnificent navigator to your company on the internet. A domain name protects your online business from unauthorized use of your domain name by any person or entity. A domain name is registered as a trademark at the national and international level so that it is capable of identifying your company’s brands and products from that of other companies.

Domain name protection

Domain name is an identity that defines the uniqueness and authority of the company on the internet. No one has a right to use that identity for his personal or professional uses. If they do so, then the original company can file by taking the help of the UDRP disputes services. A well-protected and registered domain gives a company authority to take any legal charges against a person who has tried to copy the domain name.

What does a domain name qualify a trademark?

A trademark is a graphical symbol that distinguishes the company’s products and services from other companies that are offering the same products and services. Similarly, domain name legislation is a unique address that is only available to one user. And it distinguishes a company from other companies which are selling the same products and services online.

How do I register a domain name trademark?

If a domain name is available and it is not registered by any company engaged in similar products and services, an applicant can register for the domain name trademark. The applicant has requested to pay fees and provide contact information. Once the domain registration process is completed, you will get the authority and rights on your domain address.

What if someone steals your domain name trademark?

If you have already registered your domain name as a trademark, then you have full rights to take action against this activity. You can take the help of the legal advisor who offers domain theft recovery services. He will work for you on your behalf and settle the case outside of the court. If an accused has stolen your domain name with bad faith, then he will have to pay the cost. In the event, if he has stolen accidentally, then you have a choice to sort out the case on a good note. If you face a domain theft type of issue, it is advisable to take the help of a legal advisor.


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