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What Makes Travelers Irresistible?

Humans have qualities that have variations depending on certain professions, religions, communities, and preferences. The traits like humility, kindness, tranquility, cruelty, or bleakness have their takers depending on where they come from and what they want in life.

The questions may be different when you ask for the above traits, but the answers are standard. You may ask someone about their greatest strength, and the answer will come from any such human trait. You may ask a potential partner about the kind of qualities they were looking in a spouse, and the reply will again be on the counts of these qualities.

Travelers are often seen as carefree adults who cannot take responsibilities, but this is just generalization and nothing else. We all need our escape mechanisms, and travelers have these things sorted out. They know their priorities and are clear in their mind about what they want from life. They might not want to be millionaires, but are more satisfied in their mind than the billionaires. So what are these qualities that make travelers charming and irresistible?


Travelers are open-minded by the virtue of their lifestyle. Vacationing in different cities and countries makes them humble as they realize that they are just a tiny element on earth. Whatever they learnt until now is just a part of whatever knowledge is available among the inhabitants of this planet. The one who is humble recognizes his or her ignorance and is open to learn new things. Travelers are often great learners and they make good students. As the cultural norms change while you travel, you cannot help but smile at your ignorance.

You never knew, for example, that you have to cover your head while visiting a Sikh Gurudwara anywhere in the world. If you are an Indian, it will take you by storm to witness the public display of affection in the western countries. You may never know that it is totally fine in some cultures for men and women to have separate public spaces. Yes, you are yet to know the world, and travel teaches to be humble and learn.


Yes, travelers are nosy and snoopy, at least to some people, but isn’t that what makes them? Every successful or striving person you meet is successful and so is a traveler. They know that the world is too huge to see in one lifetime, yet they are willing to stake everything just to gain a few more experiences. It is because we have curious doctors, scientists, travelers, and engineers in the world that we have made is this far. Travelers command respect from the people for being so courageous and interested in everything that is unfamiliar to them.


Compassion in a broad sense means that you must be able to understand someone else’s pain, but it easily omits the need to not understand someone. Every human is different, and we cannot understand even our spouse at times. You may have found your husband/wife/mother/father behaving irrationally sometimes, and you may never understand why they behave like that. You may do everything for them to keep them happy, take them for a picnic, and hire Self drive cars in Pune and go for an extended road trip. But at such times, when someone acts irrationally, all they need is time and space to be with themselves. People often need solitary time, which travelers understand more quickly than others. They wander around the world being empathetic towards folks who are in pain, and towards others who do not need anything, but just time with their own selves.

Isn’t travel a miraculous thing?



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