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What is the purpose of Title IX and its benefits?

It is a matter of fact that things were not the same as they are now. In the times gone by, women suffered several discriminations dependent on their gender. They were not able to come out with excellence as their counterparts. They were only forced to take up homely chores and remain within the boundary of their homes. However, with the passage of time, things have changed and gender bias no longer exists in society. Title IX defence lawyer can help you out in circumstances when your credibility is compromised based on your gender. 
Women stand shoulder to shoulder in the present society and take up all the work that men do. One such implementation that changed the role of women in educational institutions and employment sectors was title IX. Let us get to know more about this in the following article. 

What is the purpose of Title IX?

Title IX happens to be a key fob for women to prosper in society. Title IX brought an end to the sexual discrimination of girls and women in educational institutions as well as in employment sectors. The title abides all educational institutions to treat all sexes equally. 
Before the implementation of this policy, women were harassed on all platforms including sports and scholarships. The main purpose of implementation of title IX was to correct all the imbalances that existed in the society grounded on the gender bias. The supply of resources for women was increased and similar resources to men were provided like treatment, training, practise sessions, tutorials and recruitment opportunities too. All this kicked in the participation of a large number of female athletes in various sports and the percentage of scholarships were also made equal for both men and women. 

Benefits of the Title IX

The title IX has been very helpful in ending the discrimination in any of the federal funded programs for education. Let us get to know about some of the good wills of this title:
  • Access to Higher Education
It is a matter of fact that many colleges and universities had been refusing admission to women before 1970. However, after the commission of Title IX, universities allowed admission to women and it was noticed that the number of women were admitted for higher education than men. If you are not being allowed to pursue higher education in any of the educational institutions, then get in touch with a title IX defence lawyer
  • A career in Education for women
As soon as the title IX was commissioned, schools start allowing women to get proper training for their career. Before this, women were entitled to carry out housekeeping jobs only. One more benefit from this title was that the school administrators no longer had powers to dictate courses dependent on the gender of the students. 
  • Protection for parenting and pregnant students
Before Title IX, parenting and pregnant students were expelled from the school by the school administration. However, after the existence of Title IX, schools had to run special courses for parenting students. However, the courses should be more or less comparable to the normal schooling syllabus. 
  • Fighting sexual provocation 
After the title IX came into effect, the school were entitled with powers to address any of the report harassment allegations. Conversely, before this title, administrators of the schools used to dismiss the claims of any harassment. 
  • Boost in self-confidence
As women were allowed to participate in more than a few categories, they started to get more confidence. It was found that women used to participate in sports and other activities that more self-confidence than the ones who did not participate in any of the events. 
  • Access to academics and athletics
With the commencement of the title, IX women were given importance in academics and athletics. The title IX marked the end of less pay for women as well as women-only institutions. Before Title IX, women were not allowed to be a part of the sports events. As per the statistics, only 27 girls were able to play varsity high school sports events. however, after the commencement of the title IX, one in every 2.5 girls, was able to play varsity high school sports. 
  • Scholarship programs for women
Before the existence of the title IX, only a few girls used to participate in sports events and the scholarships for them was nonexistent. However, with title IX, more and more girls began to join sports events and bagged numerous scholarships. Title ix law firm takes up cases when girls are deprived of scholarships. 
  • Change in stereotypes in the classroom
It was a long-held notion that boys are better than girls in subjects like math and science, and girls are good at domestic activities. The textbooks also portrayed men to be powerful and aggressive while women are submissive. This widely-held stereotype came to an end with the advancement of title IX. Gender-based stereotypes were challenged and textbooks were modified. 
Hopefully, you have got enough knowledge about Title IX and its long term benefits that strengthened the society to its core. Title IX attorney is to be contacted when your desires are compromised based on your gender. 


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