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What is the cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men suffer from sexual dysfunction, but many of them are unable to identify the correct symptoms because they have a hard time going to the hospital.

In particular, erectile dysfunction is the most important treatment depending on the cause, it is most important to find your own cause. So today, I brought information to tell you what is causing the erectile dysfunction.

6 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Psychological causes

One of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction, this psychological effect can be caused by excessive pressure, stress or depression. In addition, symptoms may worsen if these conditions have been around for a long time.

2. Causes of arterial abnormalities

The penis has a part called spongy body, which is a sponge-like composition, and when the blood collects, it becomes hard and erection. However, if atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, or other abnormalities occur in this artery, the cavernous function will not work properly.

3. Causes of damage to penis components

Erectile dysfunction can occur when not only the spongy bodies that belong to the penis, but also various parts of the penis, such as the penis endothelium and the white matter, are damaged.

4. Causes of abnormal hormone secretion

Hormones that affect the erection are secreted by the testicles and the pituitary gland, of which the testicles have the greatest effect. If the endocrine system is abnormal or the disease appears when the hormone secretion function is reduced, the erection is not good, this characteristic is 'aging'.

5. Causes of Neurological Abnormalities

An erection is a result of physical and psychological stimulation, which can lead to poor erections in the process of transmitting the senses when a problem occurs in the central nervous system. Diseases that cause problems in the central nervous system may include disk, spinal and spinal cord injury, and brain diseases.

6. Causes of taking medication

Drugs you are taking due to other conditions can cause impotence or problems with your sexual function. Representatives of high blood pressure medicine and mental illness medicines cannot be stopped for this reason.

In order to know the obvious symptoms and causes, consultation with a specialist is most accurate. If you are in trouble, please feel free to visit ED medicines in Australia.

Erectile dysfunction is not just due to age.

It is true that many patients experience erectile dysfunction at middle or old age. However, this is because as you get older, more and more diseases can cause erectile dysfunction, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and more opportunities to take various medications to treat them. In other words, aging may be one of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction, but this does not directly lead to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a treatable disease.

In the past, methods such as using a vacuum device, injecting drugs into the penis, or surgically implanting penis implants have been performed. However, oral medicines have recently been developed to improve erectile function, helping many patients with erectile dysfunction.


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