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What is the amount of detergent should be used while washing clothes?


If you want to wash your clothes at home like Laundry service, there are certain points you must take into account to get the right amount of detergent in each wash:


•    The hardness of the water in your area, since the harder water requires more quantity of product. In this article, you can consult a map to find out.

•    The instructions of the detergent, which provide specific indications on the amount to use depending on all the factors.

•    The number of clothes you are going to wash, and that you must respect the maximum load of each program.

•    The degree of dirt of the laundry: when it is "low" (that is, there are no visible spots), the washing temperature and the detergent quantity can be reduced, but always following the recommended dosage.


Therefore, the amount will change from one wash to another. For example, 110 ml of liquid detergent may be suitable for a normal degree of soiling, with a load of 7 kg and average water hardness. But the amount would change if the clothes are very dirty.


Where to put the detergent in the washing machine?


The first one is usually used for pre-washing. You will only use it when you go to wash the extra dirty clothes.


Normally, unless in the instruction book of your washing machine say otherwise, here you will put the detergent in liquid.


The third compartment is usually for softeners, which is not necessary to use always. Like the detergent do not throw more than the appropriate amount. It is better not to use anything than too much.


What if the detergent dosed the washing machine?


Washing machines with automatic dosing solve this problem easily. You will not have to think about the right amount again. In these washing machines, you will find inside the box a 1.3-liter detergent tank and a half liter of softener. Once full, you will not have to worry about them again for approximately 20 washes.


Thanks to the automatic dosing, putting the washing machine is much easier, and you also save significant amounts of water and detergent. And it is that, normally, when you do not know how much detergent to throw that can cause the washing machine to have to use more water in the rinses. In addition, the Auto 40o C program adapts the type of washing, temperature, and speed of the centrifugation, to the level of load, type of fabrics and dirt of the clothes, using only the necessary dose of detergent.


If you do not want to take the stress, it is advisable to wash your clothes using Laundry service.

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