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What is process assessment tool & its benefits using RPA?

What is Process Assessment Tool?

Process Assessment Tool is intelligent tool that is developed using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) components, it can identify the processes and make automation recommendations as per required. The results show the complete process visibility and percentages.

Process Assessment Tool crunches the data, suggesting the best candidates for automation and calculating the time and (Full-Time Employee) FTE money that could be saved. Process Assessment Tool is a gift to many companies and organisation that are stuck at point where to implement RPA. It saves time and money that many consulting companies take before implementing RPA.

What leads to RPA failure?

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) process is a software tool used to accelerate human repetitive and Rule-based work which is high-value low profile work. And many organisations and financial institutions are facing RPA failure in the companies as of low Return of Investment (ROI) and very Complex Process. Many companies hardly get to know about ‘what process to be automated?’ which leads to failures. And RPA is benefiting but the process which is being automated should be perfect for Automation.

Why to use Process Assessment Tool?

Process Assessment can pin out the complexity in the specific process of RPA and give the result in words. Process complexity is checked on the basis of standard input, application type, no. of screens, and VDI/Citrix. Process Assessment can calculate the full time employee (FTE) money by per hour. The calculator estimates the hours saved by RPA by working in place of Full Time Employees into the money saved. It also calculates the benefits of having RPA in your company. Process Assessment gives the results and recommendations of RPA in your company.

How Process Assessment will work?

Complete processing processes will be performed by robots (themselves controlled by other PLCs to verify the proper execution of the processing). Process Assessment work on parts that gives;

  • Immediate Results for Immediate Return of Investment (ROI): Our Process assessment tool analyzes the data and understands more quickly, and gives immediate recommendations and Options.
  • Complete Process Visibility and Results: Process Assessment tool goes through all your business processes and requirements – including the most and least common alteration. With a complete blue print of your processes, it’s easier to recognize and analyze the most efficient paths and discover opportunities.

How to access Process Assessment Tool?

Process Assessment Tool can be easily accessed through our website which gives results in minutes; you just have to provide the needed data or information about the process that you want RPA to work. If in the Results it shows that; low hanging fruit it means this process will not give the quick and desired results; long term improvement it means the process is complex and needs changes or less complex ways to Solve; Quick win it means that this process can be automated right now contact the RPA providing company,

What processes can be automated?

Process which is less complex and is run on Rule-based steps can be easily automated. You can check ‘What processes can be Automated’ through Process Assessment Tool. It gives the Results in Quadrant to ‘how much Full-Time Employee (FTE) savings will be done’ and ‘how much is the process complexity’. You can check all the processes you think that needs to be automated. 

Process Assessment Tool benefits:

  • Cost savings can be done through RPA in terms of FTE (Full-Time Employee) reduction, as Process Assessment Tool also gives the results of FTE savings.
  • Business acceleration can be done through RPA by enabling business to act at a faster pace than earlier. As Robots work in place of the humans, so the process will be done seamlessly in less time.
  • Quality improvements and Error reduction – Robots are working in place of humans it will improve the Quality and also configured 0% Error rate. 
  • Compliance – Process Assessment Calculator has the ability to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Flexibility – Expected to fasten the volume in future, Robots enabling flexibility to scale up and scale down as per required.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Automation leading to customer satisfaction and better customer experience (Eg. Contact center automation, resolving all customer inquiries at a faster pace; going through all multiple applications at real-time).
  • Productivity Gain – Increased volumes processed in limited unit time with the decrease of the turnaround time and Average Handle Time (AHT) Improvement.


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