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What is it Varicose vein and its treatment?

The chronic venous insufficiency, also known as varicose veins are swollen veins because of an abnormal collection of blood due to weakness, often inherited in the walls and valves of the superficial veins. This causes the veins to widen and dilate, so that blood easily accumulates when a person stands for a long time. The patient should immediately contact the Varicose Vein Clinic, if they face any symptom related to varicose vein.

Vein Care is very essential. This pathology is much more frequent in women. The appearance of varicose veins is up to five more frequent in them than in men. It usually occurs in the veins of the legs; however, they can also affect the esophagus, the anal region or the testicles. The pharmacological treatment of varicose veins at the Vein Treatment Center is focused on alleviating the symptoms and preventing the disorder from going further. According to the Vein Treatment Center, some venotonic drugs that are administered orally are effective.

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Among the main causes of the appearance of varicose veins are three.

First, and if it is primary varicose veins, there are congenitally defective valves. The valves are responsible for circulating the blood to the heart, so if they do not work properly blood accumulates in the vein causing swelling. Immediately search for the Vein Center near Me if you are experiencing any symptom of varicose vein. The treatment center may help you in getting rid of this disease.

The thrombophlebitis causes the same effect. In this case, thrombi are, or what is the same, clots, which hinder circulation. This situation can occur, for example, after prolonged periods of bed rest. You may contact the Vein Centers of America in such cases.

The third most probable cause for the appearance of varicose veins is pregnancy. Fortunately, the varicose veins that appear during the gestation period are secondary and tend to disappear between two and three weeks after delivery. The Vein Clinic  may help you in its diagnosis.


There are different ways to classify varicose veins-

  • Superficial varices: It is the most frequent type. Known as spider veins are small varicose veins, very visible, which usually cause concern. USA Vein Clinics are expert in treating this type of disease. You can easily search the USA vein clinics locations
  • Trunk varicose veins: They may have different degrees of dilatation and are the varices themselves: dilated veins and may be more or less visible. Vein clinic is the best place to visit in such cases.


The first recommendation that patients should follow to be diagnosed is to go to a vascular surgery specialist at American Vein Center. The expert is fully trained, only with the Vein Clinics of America and a physical examination, to give a first diagnosis that is usually quite accurate.

Next, performing a venous echo-Doppler usually gives more specific information to the Center for Vein Restoration about the anatomy of the varicose vein and about the therapeutic options that can be established. Search for the vein clinic near me to seek help.


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