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What is GDPR & The Importance of GDPR for Businesses

The way we handle our everyday tasks and how we communicate has been dramatically changed with the advent of the internet. From sending emails to sharing documents, paying bills to purchasing goods by providing our personal details online, all are the various forms of activities you perform online on a daily basis. 

While doing so, have you ever wondered how much personal data is shared online? What happens with the personal data people share?

We are talking about the data such as contacts, addresses, banking information, social media posts, IP address or the sites people have visited. This all information is stored online digitally.

Companies collecting this data from their customers may tell them that they need it so that they can serve them better, provide them with more relevant and targeted communication, all to offer them with better customer experience.

To avoid mishandling of this collected data, the EU on May 2018 enforced a new European privacy regulation called GDPR. This regulation has permanently changed the way for businesses and enterprises to collect, store and use customer data. A Study conducted among IT and business professionals that are accountable for data privacy at companies in UK, revealed that 80% of businesses know only a bit or nothing about GDPR. And the worst part is only 27% of companies have yet begun to work on making their organization GDPR compliant, that too when more than a year of the deadline has passed!

Not only the small brick and mortar store but more than 60% of tech companies found it difficult to prepare for GDPR. So, whether you’re in tech, travel, retail or an entrepreneur, our GDPR online training UK will explain you what GDPR is, how it will impact your business and can prepare you for GDPR compliance.

What Is GDPR?

The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation act, which is a new European privacy regulation that came into effect on May 25, 2018. It has been implemented in all local privacy laws across the entire EU and EEA region. 


With the implementation of GDPR, the citizens of the EU and EEA now have greater control over their personal data and complete assurances that their information is being securely protected across Europe.

As per the GDPR directive, personal data refers to any information related to an individual such as a name, email address, photo, bank details, updates on social networking websites, medical information, location details, a computer IP address, etc. 


Basic Rights of GDPR:


Under the GDPR, individuals have 8 basic rights:


1. The right to access to their personal data

2. The right to be forgotten or the right to have their data deleted

3. The right to data portability or the right to transfer their data from one service provider to another

4. The right to be informed before their data is gathered 

5. The right to have the information corrected 

6. The right to restrict processing of their data

7. The right to object or stop the processing of their data for direct marketing

8. The right to be notified within 72 hours if there is a data breach. 


Significance Of GDPR For The Businesses

Since GDPR puts the consumer in the driver’s seat, therefore the task of complying with this regulation falls upon organizations and businesses. It applied to all the businesses and organizations established in the EU, regardless of whether the data processing takes place in the EU or not. Even if your business is non-EU but established in the EU and offers goods or services to its citizens, then it’s subjected to GDPR. 

A data protection officer or data controller should be appointed by all the companies and organizations that work with personal data. This person would be the in-charge of GDPR compliance. There are penalties and fines for those companies that don’t comply with GDPR. The GDPR is not just an IT issue, it has broad implications for the whole company, including the way companies handle marketing and sales activities. 


GDPR Online Training For Businesses In UK

In today’s world, data is a valuable currency.

And while GDPR does create challenges and painstaking efforts for businesses, it also creates favorable circumstances.

Businesses and organizations who show they value their customer’s privacy (beyond the bare legal agreement), who implement latest and improved ways of managing their customers' data, who are transparent about how the data is used throughout its life cycle, build rooted trust and retain more loyal customers.

So, if you’re a business or organization catering to a small, medium or a large number of customers and you haven’t started your journey to data compliance, we urge you to start now. It felt like there was plenty of time for new businesses to take the necessary steps, when the GDPR was first announced in 2016. But, this time has flown by and even after the deadline has passed, many businesses and enterprises are still struggling to be a complete GDPR compliant business.

How to be a GDPR Compliant business?

In order to become compliant, businesses need to dedicate time to understand complete data protection necessities in the UK. This will get you started to create a plan of action for your journey to GDPR and sooner your business can be GDPR compliant, rather than later.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about GDPR and its Importance for the businesses. If you’re interested to know more about GDPR or looking for a GDPR Consultancy in UK that can provide you with knowledge, power and confidence to tackle data protection head-on, then you can visit where you can have an access to all-inclusive GDPR e-learning courses by experienced and professional data protection consultants in UK, that can empower your staff with the tools to keep your business safe and to expand your competitive edge along with protecting your reputation.  

How do you think GDPR has impacted your business?

Please, let us know in the comment below.


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