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What is a Content Silo and Why Do You Need

Even with good web content, you may fail to win web accessibility if the structure of the content is shoddy. This is where content silo comes in. Content silo refers to the use of both keyword density and structure to arrange a website into categories of like-content together into hierarchical paradigms. Content silo makes web content easier to read and appear, increasing the clarity of the content.


By grouping similar words, content silo mimics the old school method of classifying library resources into broad category sections. The broad library resource categorisation helped with identifying which resources can be found where. This is the same concept used in content silos.

Similar or alike content is grouped to form structures of related content. This makes it easier to read and keep the consistency of topical issues on the website. Content silo improves site navigation and arrangement. Keyword optimisation is a critical aspect of the content silo. It is the keyword densities that are used to group alike-content.

Content silo does not only improve the reader’s navigation to the website but also influence the ranking of the web in the search engine result pages. Search engines, just like the human mind, search to know the content of the website and rank it based on the algorithm factors. Content silo improves the structure, readability and appearance of the site. With good SEO keyword densities, it can improve on the ranking of the page at the search engines.

Content silo also influences the relevancy of the keywords and the entire web content. When creating a content silo, it is good to pay enough attention to the use of keywords, and their relatedness as ranking will rise and fall on the use and structure of the keywords. Consider your current and future keyword uses to develop well-chosen densities that are related to form patterns and themes in the web contents.

It is also essential to figure out the places or section at the website where the content silos can exist. Though you can tailor your content words to happen in the sections that you want yourself, the following areas are mostly preferred for content silos in many websites.

  • Home pages
  • About us sections
  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Blogs

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