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What Does A Workers Compensation Lawyer Do For You?

Workers compensation claims are not always what they appear to be. Your employer might not allow you to file a claim for workers compensation, and it is possible that your doctor will not give you the proper treatment. You are in pain, you cannot work, and you might even be on disability. You need to hire workers compensation lawyers in Florida who will review the case for you. There is no point arguing with your employer or a doctor’s office, and you might even have an unresolved insurance claim for your home that needs to be looked at.

What Happened In Your Workers Compensation Claim?

You could get hurt at work at any time, and you need to file a workers compensation claim to get coverage. You might go to a doctor who does a poor job, or your employer might not even allow you coverage. Your lawyer knows the laws of the state, and the lawyer will approach your company about resolving the issue. Some companies will simply fold under the pressure of a letter from your lawyer, but that is not a guarantee. In fact, your employer might get angry and fire you. You need to be prepared for this eventuality, and your lawyer will also file suit for lost wages.

Unresolved Home Claims

There are several wind damage roof insurance claims that go unsolved every year because homeowners do not fight back when their insurance company says “No”. These companies need to be forced to pay your claims, and you should hire a lawyer who will take over the case for you. You can get payment for your claim that will ensure you are protected, and you should let your lawyer contact the insurance company for you. You never want to try to handle the claim yourself because the insurance company can twist your words and make the situation worse.

How Fast Are Cases Resolved?

Lawyers cannot give you a special timeline or promise you anything because they are not certain how long it will take to get your money back. Your lawyer will need to file suit, negotiate with the insurance company, or contact your employer to ask them what they would like to do next. You need to wait for the process to play out because your lawyer can only move so fast, and you must be prepared to attend settlement hearings or even go to court.

What If The Insurance Company Broke The Law?

You might feel as though the insurance company has broken the law or done something that goes above and beyond typical negligence. If that is the case, your lawyer must be alerted at once. Your insurance company needs to be reported to the proper authorities, and you should add this information to your lawsuit. Again, you do not simply call an agency to complain. You need a lawyer on your side who already knows the law, knows how to get a court date, and knows how to negotiate a settlement. When you get your settlement, your lawyer will also handle the escrow account that pays you.

Contact A Lawyer Immediately

You should contact a lawyer immediately to get help with your most recent case. If you have been hurt at work or your home was never repaired, you need to let the lawyer know what has happened in the interim. You can sue for pain and suffering, damages, and a host of other things that have cost your family money or peace of mind. Your lawyer will take over the case when they start an investigation, and your lawyer will stay with you until you have been paid.



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