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Start by brainstorming and choose the topic
What are the steps? Start working by conducting a brainstorm. It is the most complicated part. You have to choose an interesting topic which will allow you to create a persuasive text. Often this step is very hard, and students don’t know what they should talk about. In this case, professionals can help you to write my essay.
Think about your skills, goals, and personality. After that, determine your strengths and start your essay with them.
Create an outline
Make the plan. It will help you to organize all your ideas and notes and connect them with one logical line. After that, you are ready to start your draft.
Make a draft of your essay
When you have already created the plan of your application essay and have gathered all examples together write the first draft. Don't worry if it will not be perfect at once. Now your main task is to let your ideas flowing.
Make 3 main parts of the text
Your application essay should contain three main parts:
The introduction: introduce yourself in the essay in 1 paragraph;
The body part: explain the main idea of the application essay with examples in this part;
The conclusion: sum up all your thoughts here.
Proofread the essay and fix mistakes
Leave your text for a while and clear your head. Go back to read it in several days and read it over carefully.  Check it for all spelling and grammar mistakes. If there is such an opportunity ask someone to look through it.


As any other assignment, the college essay has its special distinguishing features and consequently writing tips. Find some of them below:
  • First of all, make sure that you are honest;
  • Always believe in yourself. Remember that you have some special things to bring;
  • Don’t use books for inspiration. You risk to repeat other people's thoughts and ideas;
  • Take breaks. Don’t be working for several hours without breaks;
  • Choose the topic which reveals to your thoughts and goals most of all;
  • Make your essay as specific as possible. Don’t use unnecessary words and phrases; Look for other mistakes here;
  • Show your text to the family or friends. They can look at your essay from the new perspective and notice the flaws. Ask them if the text makes sense and does not contradict you.
Your college essay is one of the most important tasks. You have to use all your skills and knowledge to do it as well as possible. But if you don’t feel confident with your skills or you don’t know what should you write about do not be shy to ask for the help. Professionals will help you to choose the right topic and do the rest of the work for you with pleasure. 



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