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What are the Advantages of Turnkey Laboratory Services?

Laboratory renovation or construction projects can throw many challenges. Thousands of variables affect design considerations, construction materials, and MEP & HVAC planning. Environmental & safety clearances, project management, testing & commissioning demands careful orchestration.
That’s why turnkey laboratory solutions are gaining momentum in the laboratory construction and renovation projects. Let’s explore the key benefits in opting for a turnkey laboratory solution:
Time-saving approach
Time saving is a popular benefit of the turnkey laboratory services. The turnkey solutions provider professionals with the right know-how and expertise can help deliver the project on-time and within the deadline. Given the vast experience of the turnkey laboratory services providers, the coordination and communication among multiple parties are substantially improved, resulting in faster lab projects.
Expertise right from the planning stages
Given the complexity of the laboratory construction or renovation projects, it’s critical to have the right expertise from the beginning and throughout the construction and commissioning stages. Too many handovers and vendor changes, depending on the project stage, may cause knowledge gaps and hurt the quality and schedule.  
The global & local approach
Laboratory projects call for intensive paperwork and compliance to many national and international regulations and standards. Turnkey lab solutions providers who have prior experience with the standards and regulations will help laboratories to stay on the right course from the beginning. 
Better management of risk
Risk management, mitigation, and avoidance are probably the biggest reason laboratories choose turnkey solutions. The risks related to schedule, cost, and quality can make or break a lab project. An experience turnkey lab services provider will help balance out the risk and the benefits at every phase of execution. 
The burden of administration 
With a reliable team of experts, you need not act as a strict administrator to know what’s been happening in the lab's overall construction schedule and progress. Turnkey solutions providers take care of each aspect as per the agreed contractual terms and conditions. 
Kewaunee turnkey services are a one-stop solution for all your laboratory construction projects. We have successfully delivered 25+ million square feet of lab space in over 100+ countries across all industry segments. Our services range from advisory to full-fledged managed operations, tailored to suit all budgets and needs. Your space, our expertise, and a combined vision is all that is required to turn your dreams into reality. Visit for more details.


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