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What are the Advantages of Asus Eee PC/ Laptop

Anyone who wants to buy a gaming laptop would normally do some extensive research in order to find the best one that suits their need. Some individuals may not even know what to look for. But this article provides information about the Asus EEe PC / Laptop which would eliminate the guesswork out of selecting a computer that meets most people needs because it outperforms its competition.
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Advantages of buying an Eee PC
- The portability is incredible. Its only 7" wide & weigh 0.92 kg only (under 2 pounds)
- The price is insanely low for a brand new laptop. Think less than $500 per PC
- The features are endless. The top model, which is the Eee PC 8G laptop includes a built in card reader, webcam, speakers AND microphone
- They are built with a shock proof design
- You don't need a technical manual to figure them out because the Eee PC's have a user friendly graphic interface. This makes them perfect for anyone!
- These discount laptops come in a variety of colors. The color will depend on which model you buy, but black, white, pastel green, blue and pink are available
- The ASUS Eee PC's feature built in WiFi 802.11 b/g which automatically detects the internet and connects you to the rest of the world. No cords needed
- You can instantly upload your photos and videos to your YouTube or Flickr accounts
- They come with document and e-mail software
- Extensive support for a wide range of multimedia
- The Eee PC starts up in just 15-22 seconds, even less time if it's just on hibernate
- Comes with GNU/Linux preloaded
- ASUS is committed to first class Linux support
The budget model offered by ASUS is the Eee PC 2 G Surf. If you want to store photos or music you would need to buy an SD for more storage space.
This model is listed at a price of just $299. I bet you didn't know there was such a thing as a new cheap laptop computer!If you are familiar with Microsoft Windows XP Home, you might prefer the Eee 4 G with Windows XP. It's currently the only model that offers Windows XP. You can expect to pay around $400 for this machine, although not bad for a brand new laptop with Windows XP software.
The Future is EEE
The ASUS EEE PC's  seem to be getting really great reviews as well. Customers love that they come with GNU/Linux preloaded. They are also reporting that the WiFi support is wonderful. If you want to own one before they start selling out, you might want to act fast. You just can't beat their price and performance!
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