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What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

The term dedicated server means servers that are only intended for a specific purpose, in order to provide the complete service and all resources.

Bitcoin dedicated servers are always recommended when larger resources are required in the long term for a specific application or function. 

Buy a cheap dedicated server because is it is recommended when a web project alone needs the appropriate resources that a server can provide. This primarily concerns the RAM memory, the connection to the Internet and the processor performance. These services no longer have to be shared, so that enough reserves are available.

Despite higher costs than a cheap VPS hosting or shared hosting, it also offers many advantages: the working memory can be individually adapted to the necessary performance. In the event of a positive development of a web project, for example, increasing traffic and database queries, the server performance can be adjusted at any time.

In addition, the customer can install the required software for his server in a customized manner. A cheap 10gbps dedicated server prevents dangers that can arise from security gaps in other websites. In addition, all server data can only be viewed by the tenant and a website hosted on the dedicated server enjoys greater availability.

With regard to any SEO measures, important and high-quality web projects should always be hosted on a VPS server hosting Bitcoin. The webmaster sends a signal to Google and other search engines right from the start that his project is not a “dubious spam project”.

With cheap VPS servers, however, some additional tasks must be taken into account. This includes, for example, regular data backup, since the provider generally does not have access to the server. 

When concluding a contract, it should also be noted that the server is operated with unlimited bandwidth usage and a support team is available around the clock in an emergency.

At, the VPS bitcoin server is available as managed servers. Our dedicated systems are as simple as that - promise set up with a running operating system. 

In addition, each VPS servers can be assigned the required processor capacity via virtualization. This is a feature that can only be implemented on a dedicated server without virtualization. Even with a DDoS attack, when many senseless requests are supposed to paralyze a server at the same time, the other virtual servers continue to run stably on this system.

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