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What are the 11 important factors to consider when looking for tipsters?

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If you want to find the Champions League predictions sites that always give accurate tips then you need considering certain factors and you need taking all these factors into account to make an opinion on a tipper.

  • You will expect a good strike rate that is above 50% but it shouldn’t be unrealistic like 100%. Winning rate is the potential of breaking odds. It shows how able a tipster is but it is difficult to believe that a tipper can achieve 100% winning rate in Morocco vs Iran prediction.
  • A tipster is known for his experience and association with football Bet Tips. You should visit the profile of tippers to know more about them. Tipster sites would have profiles of the tipsters managing the sites.
  • Some tippers discuss their association with betting syndicates at length and try to prove that they get crucial information regarding betting odds from their sources that are bookies. But there is little truth in this claim.
  • You will get guaranteed tips and the tippers would give replacement tips for failed predictions. A replacement tip for every failed prediction is really a better deal but you should look into the guarantee before relying on the words of tippers.
  • There are sites that offer free tomorrows football prediction tips. You will get accurate prediction free of cost. It is a dual benefit that is you save money while buying reliable tips for betting odds. But free tips might not be reliable. You can’t blame anyone for losing bets because of free fixed odds 1×2 tips.
  • Fixed-match betting is a confirmed deal. You will 100% win the bet if it is a fixed-match and you know who the winner is. The tipper offering fixed-match betting would make you believe in his words. But in reality,it is a fraud.
  • A serious tipster would communicate in clear and straightforward language. There would be no ambiguity in his words. Also, he would be ready to answer all your queries regarding tips and his services.
  • A buy reliable football tips would educate you on how and when you would receive a tip and how to use the tip. He will try making things simple for you. But if you find any difficulty in understanding the process, you should click back from his site.
  • You would find the website design attractive and site navigation smooth. The tipper would help you in exploring his site. Website downloading speed and clarity in design and navigation are technical factors but they are important.

  • Reliable soccer forecast prediction sites should figure in the reviews of experts. But it isn’t necessary. Experts keep updating their websites from time to time. The tipsters that are out of expert reviews could find a place in expert reviews anytime. You should keep checking expert reviews.
  • A site that can give correct Argentina vs Iceland prediction would score high on every front including winning rate, design, navigation and expert reviews. There are many websites that publish reviews but most sites publish fake reviews. You should be very careful when studying and relying on reviews by users and experts.




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Revelation that soccer matches are fixed could be startling for bettors but it is true and punters have to accept the truth. Football betting has become a multi-million dollar industry and the money in soccer betting is increasing every day.

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