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Addlead Web UI/UX Development expert team builds robust and scalable UX and UI applications that integrate to give a better user-experience from front-end. We also transform the existing into user-friendly websites using modern technology and features. Get highly flexible, scalable, and responsive websites with highest satisfaction rate.

Whether your website is meeting the needs of mobile users or not? This is a standard question which should come to everyone’s mind who want to enhance their online presence among mobile users. Creating mobile website is very different from the traditional website. Therefore, it is required to indulge in best practices while developing the website for mobile. Before diving into those practices, it is important to know the mindset of people while they are viewing the website in mobile. What they expect is quite different from the standard website. If they are opening the website in mobile, they will expect a clear cut information with a little information about the specifics. They do not want a lengthy information or PDFs. A mobile-friendly website will, no doubt, result in to increase in the number of visitors ultimately resulting in good traffic.

The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. In this digital era, there is an extreme need to create a responsive travel website design in India. As it is said, “the first impression is the last impression”. A website is a medium through which a travel company can display its services towards its viewers in proper formation. Whether your client is aged, youth, experienced traveler or a beginner, everyone has an ability to differentiate between the unique website than regular ones. Responsive web design means that your website runs smoothly and gracefully on every device.

From responsive website, I refer to the website that can be worked on smoothly and have similar display quality on every device no matter what the screen size. Imagine, if you want to book a hotel, you logged on to a travel website through your cell phone and chose your destination but it takes too long in loading the same, at the same time, it also takes too long to display images, means you are unable to find a proper path to follow, this will make you move out of the website at the same time, also leaving negative impression on your mind. In the end, you will never visit the same website again and search for the one which is clear and can be used effectively on any device.

Therefore, a tourism website development agency makes sure that website they designed should straight away give a seamless experience to its users. The travel industry is in boom these days and if you want your travel business to grow more, it is necessary to understand the importance of responsive website design because it will open doors for your business in various aspects.


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AddLead, a digital marketing and technology enabled agency, founded in the year 2008 assists business growth and maximum investment return generation with Digital Services customized and executed with profound expertise.

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